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  1. I find out, that Level 1|X not important. In my distr some files in lower case and with ASCII charset they stay in lower in image. Setup stopping as can't find it. But with Standart charset file names change to upper case and all ok. So, may be, change default setting to 'Standart" charset?
  2. Of course! WIN51, WIN51IP, win51ip.SP2 This is not first my boot disc... Besides, I wrote - with Level 1 the image correct boot and run setup (test in virtual)
  3. Version If setting, as alway i do, In Advanced/Restrictions: ISO9660 - Level 1, Character set - Standart Joliet - Level 1 then image right. But program offer change my setting to the next: ISO9660 - Level X, Character set - ASCII Joliet - Level X And then, setup program of Windows XP don't recognize disc as correct and ask insert "Windows XP Service Pack2 CD"
  4. I want create boot disc for Windows XP SP2 (Russian). What I do incorrectly? Pick "Create image file from files/folders" Add in Source dir - "I386" and files - WIN51, WIN51IP, win51ip.SP2, BOOTFONT.BIN" File System - ISO9660 + Joliet Mark - Recurse subdirectories, Include Hidden and System files Volume label - WINXP In Advanced/Restrictions: ISO9660 - Level 1, Character set - Standart, mark all "Allow..." and "Don't add ';1' Version number to files" Joliet - Level 1, mark "Allow files without extensions" and clear "Add ';1' Version number to files" In Advanced/Bootable Disc: Mark "Make image bootable" Emulation type - None Boot image - correct, taken from original boot disc WinXP and more than once approved Developer ID - Microsoft Corporation Load segment - default, 07C0 Sectors to load - 4 Program warning me about bootable disc and i agreed to adjust setting. Image file successfully create, but don't bootable. More precisely, it booting, but ntdetect print out some message and rebooting the comp. Message unreadable since russian distro (and so ntdetect probably don't see bootfont.bin) I'm playing with setting (clear "Allow files without extensions", don't agreed with auto adjust setting for bootable system disc - the result the same. In other program - Nero, UUDS, ImgBUrn - with the same setting all fine. PS. sorry for my bad english
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