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    FLAC audio is not always gapless

    Hello, My first post here. This is a specialized problem but of great interest to me. When burning an audio CD from a live album, with no gaps between tracks, there are no problems using the original .wav files. However, after converting to .flac, there is an audible tick between some tracks after burning. Tracks were extracted using Exact Audio Copy and were verified with AccurateRip; converted using FLAC via foobar2000. All programs are the latest versions. I take it the problems lies with the Directshow filter. I'm using Illiminable's 0.73... as recommended in another thread. CoreFLAC's version seemed even worse in an earlier test. MadFLAC doesn't work (yet). Any suggestions? One thing which surprised me is that both burns show the write type as SAO. Sector At Once? I tried to manually set to Disc At Once but couldn't. Both log files combined into one doc attached, FLAC first. Thanks for your time. Great program. ImgBurn_Ya_Yas_compare_flac_wav.log
  2. gottogo99

    FLAC problems

    I would like to add that the Illiminable and Core FLAC DirectShow filters don't work properly. They drop frames at the end of an audio file. You might not notice unless you are burning a live CD, then you will hear a tick from the missing audio. At the moment the only FLAC filter which works properly, that I can find at least, is this one: http://www.dsp-worx.de/?n=15. It does not drop any frames. MadFLAC may be working in the near future also.
  3. gottogo99

    FLAC audio is not always gapless

    Excellent news to report: this DirectShow filter works for FLAC with no dropped frames: http://www.dsp-worx.de/?n=15. I burned a live album with no gaps from FLAC files. ImgBurn verified it and it played back with no gaps. Problem solved. If you use the binary archive you can edit the register.ini file to avoid registering unnecessary file types.
  4. gottogo99

    FLAC audio is not always gapless

    Thanks for your help. If MadFLAC solves the problem I'll post back.
  5. gottogo99

    FLAC audio is not always gapless

    I extracted the audio tracks as a single image with EAC from the disc burned with FLAC audio files and checked it with an audio editor. As LightningUK! suspected, there are gaps where one track doesn't go all the way to its end and the next track starts where it's supposed to. Gaps are 1-2 frames. Is ImgBurn is too fast for the Directshow filter in some cases? Is there some way for it to check to make sure the filter has finished? I'm burning on a CDRW which is limited to 24X; I would think a 52X CDR would be even worse. I have a very modern PC so computing power shouldn't be an issue.
  6. gottogo99

    FLAC audio is not always gapless

    Thanks. Is there some way that I can check the playback time using IMediaSeeking->GetDuration(&Duration)? I don't see that anywhere in the menus.
  7. gottogo99

    FLAC audio is not always gapless

    I realized too late SAO = Session At Once. Oops. I know that audio tracks which don't end at the correct sector boundary will have an audible gap when burned and played back. The CDR burned from .wav files is fine. I then converted those files to .flac, and that burned CDR has some gaps. Not between every song, but some. The tracks do not have any sector boundary errors, so what's causing the gaps, the Directshow filter? A single .flac file with multiple cue/track points, which I tried later, burns and plays without gaps. But most of my music is individual tracks. Not sure what to try next. Any ideas? Would more information help? Has anyone else tried burning gapless FLACs? Or any other lossless compressed audio, for that matter.

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