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  1. I noticed that you have the Ask Toolbar included in the setup. However, there's a problem. If the EXE file called ApnStub.exe can't access the internet due to being blocked by a firewall, ImgBurn setup delays showing. You have to force close ApnStub.exe to get ImgBurn setup to show immediately or wait 2 minutes for APNStub.exe to finally close itself. I suggest that you make a check box that says intall this item to run the ApnStub.exe, so that it won't interfer with the normal operation of the setup installer. Otherwise, someone who encounters this may think that setup is having issues.
  2. Cringer

    Installer Problem

    Ever since you have included the Ask in the installer, if the system or any firewall blocks the application "AskInstallChecker-x.x.x.x.exe" from accessing the internet when a computer is connected to the internet, the installation will hang. The only way around this is to terminate the installer, then disconnect the machine from the internet; for DSL or cable you have to turn off or unplug the modem from the machine. After that you can install the program without any problems. What I can't understand is why the AskInstallChecker is even being executed before the user is even asked to install it on the Ask options page. Can you shed some light on this? Thanks.
  3. When you open a project, even if the Auto box for Calculate Image Size is checked, it does not calculate the image size once the files have been loaded into the Source list.
  4. A preference setting that only allows one instance of it to run at a time would probably be useful for novice users out there. You might also want to enable this setting by default as well. Advanced users like myself, can just go in and turn it off if you choose to run more than one instance. Also, for systems with a single burner, it might be a good idea to disable multiple instances period. What would be the purpose of someone loading more than one instance if they only have a single burning unit? No offense meant, just making suggestions. Take care and Thanks!

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