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  1. JBSil

    Build Mode Queue Support

    This is listed in the changelog for 2.5, but seems to not be fixed. Anyone else still experiencing this issue? /CLOSE works, but /CLOSESUCCESS still does not.
  2. JBSil

    Build Mode Queue Support

    Great find! Thanks for the quick response, as always I changed my bat to /CLOSE and it works perfectly now.
  3. JBSil

    Build Mode Queue Support

    Did support for loading LBAs from IBBs change in the latest release? I can no longer get IB to automatically start building image files from a series of IBBs that have been saved with LBAs. Either it changed somehow, or importing LBAs from IBBs is not supported in Windows 7, maybe? Granted, I reformatted my computer, and somehow managed to delete the backup of my previous batch files, but I think I recreated almost the same thing. Here's my MakeIBBs.bat: @echo off for /D %%D in ("D:\DVDs\*") do ( if not exist "C:\Users\Jesse Silverstein\AppData\Roaming\ImgBurn\Project Files\%%~nD.ibb" ( "C:\Program Files\ImgBurn\ImgBurn.exe" /MODE BUILD /BUILDMODE IMAGEFILE /SRC "%%D\VIDEO_TS\" /DEST "%%D.iso" /VOLUMELABEL "%%~nD" ) ) Which seams to work: calculate and select LBA, alt+f,s,enter,enter,alt+F4 Then, here is my BuildImages.bat: @echo off for %%I in ("C:\Users\Jesse Silverstein\AppData\Roaming\ImgBurn\Project Files\*.ibb") do ( if not exist "D:\DVDs\%%~nI" ( del /Q /F "%%I" ) else ( "C:\Program Files\ImgBurn\ImgBurn.exe" /MODE BUILD /BUILDMODE IMAGEFILE /SRC "%%I" /NOIMAGEDETAILS /START /CLOSESUCCESS move /Y "D:\DVDs\%%~nI" "D:\to h.264\%%~nI" del /Q /F "%%I" ) ) The English transliteration of that is: For every ibb file do ( if the DVD source no longer exists, delete the ibb else ( call ImgBurn and feed it the ibb file in build mode, don't show me image details, auto start and close when finished move the original DVD source to a "to h.264" folder (for further processing by HandBrake) delete the ibb ) ) The whole thing seems to work perfectly, except that ImgBurn is pausing with each IBB load to make me CONFIRM the Layer Break position which is already correctly selected in the window. Any ideas? I feel like I'm missing something simple...
  4. JBSil

    Build Mode Queue Support

    You rock, LUK! Thanks so much.
  5. JBSil

    Build Mode Queue Support

    While we're talking about automating IBB's ... Can you make it easier for us to save the calculated builds as correctly named IBB's? Either default to using the name of the destination ISO, or let us supply an IBB default name via command line? Or both? Right now it defaults to using the most recently used IBB file name, even after closing and opening the program with 'Clear Recent Files List' checked.
  6. JBSil

    Build Mode Queue Support

    Thank you thank you thank you! That's perfect. I've already got the rest of my batch scripts ready and awaiting this new feature
  7. JBSil

    New setting /LAYERBREAK AUTO

  8. JBSil

    Build Mode Queue Support

    Unfortunately, IBB files do not contain any layer break information in them, so even when you write a batch file to build them in succession, it still stops and asks for layer break information for each one. That said, including layer break info in the IBB files would be enough of a solution for me, but a Build Queue would be better.
  9. JBSil

    Build Mode Queue Support

    While this is theoretically a great idea, it is not feasible for dual layer media. There are no (documented) options for telling ImgBurn to automatically choose the best layer break position for each image it tries to create. Therefore, every image it tries to burn, it will wait for the user to click a layer break position, and select it. That's why I wanted a queue, so you could manually choose the best layer break positions for each image, but do them all at once, and have the queue remember them.
  10. JBSil

    Build Mode Queue Support

    edit: deleted duplicate post
  11. JBSil

    Build Mode Queue Support

    Gotta support this request 110%. Suggesting a Build Queue is the only reason I even joined this forum. Being able to set up a queue for making a series of ISOs would really make ImgBurn the best program ever created, imho. At the moment, I have upwards of 75 discs waiting to be made into isos and then burned. I have to make each one an iso separately, and then only the burning can be queued. It would make my life so much better if I could queue all the iso builds, push build and walk away. <starwars>Help me LightningUK! You're my only hope!</starwars>

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