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  1. Overfiend

    Burning an Xbox 360 image

    thanks for comments guys, I'll check out that guide LOCOENG, thanks.
  2. Overfiend

    Burning an Xbox 360 image

    Hi guys. Right here goes. I've a game for 360 which i've downloaded and want to burn to disc for the mate that asked me to download as his disc is damaged. 1st off i know nothing about burning theses discs as i've already wasted 3 dual layered discs. I used Nero which from what i gather was 1st mistake. I have the iso of the game and a .dvd file. Nero or dvd decrypter will use the .dvd file, however ImgBurn will. My 1st three attempts were basically run throughs and i just loaded img to nero and burned at slowest speed (4X). My main question is if i load the .Dvd file using ImgBurn and burn the disc will it work. Its a USA game, region free. Also if anyone can point me to a comprehensive guide thats helps getting started with this sort of s**t. Any help appreciated guys, as you can imagine i don't want 3 failed burns to turn into 4 or 5. Incidentally here's a list of my optical drives supported features as knowing my luck it'll have a support problem or something Device Description ATAPI DVD A DH20A3H Supported Disk Types BD-ROM Not Supported BD-R Not Supported BD-RE Not Supported HD DVD-ROM Not Supported HD DVD-R Not Supported HD DVD-RW Not Supported DVD-ROM Read DVD+R9 Dual Layer Read + Write DVD+R Read + Write DVD+RW Read + Write DVD-R9 Dual Layer Read + Write DVD-R Read + Write DVD-RW Read + Write DVD-RAM Read + Write CD-ROM Read CD-R Read + Write CD-RW Read + Write Optical Drive Features Buffer Underrun Protection Supported C2 Error Pointers Supported CD+G Not Supported CD-Text Supported Hybrid Disc Not Supported JustLink Supported LabelFlash Not Supported Layer-Jump Recording Supported LightScribe Supported Mount Rainier Not Supported SMART Not Supported CSS Supported CPRM Supported AACS Not Supported VCPS Not Supported BD CPS Not Supported Once again guys thanks for any advice given, I'd really appreciate any help with this

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