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  1. Are you serious?? I absolutely never knew that's how it was measured. I rechecked the discs...30mm on the dot from the center of the hole. I learn something new every day. Thanks so much for clearing all this up. I guess this "feature" has been incorrectly implemented in other software then, because I've definitely used programs that burn a full 1GB onto the disc. Have a great weekend!!
  2. I guess I have to apologize. My drive has gone retarded it seems. It won't burn out to 30mm now even with I guess I'll have to live with it. Sorry to have wasted your time. I'll post back if I find anything else out.
  3. I burned a few test discs, and something is weird. My info on the burned discs comes back similar to yours, ie both discs have the same info. However the disc I burned with the option OFF has a ring about 1/8" of an inch (I don't have a mm ruler handy, but 30mm = ~1.18in), and the disc with the option ON has a ring about 1/4". So yes, it makes a difference, but something is still wrong. I tried both WINASPI and SPTI, same results. I swear this worked right in I'm gonna try to go back to that version and try it out. Nothing strange in the logs. Burner - BenQ DW1655 firmware BCGB
  4. I've read through some other threads, so I realise it's the drive doing the padding, but ImgBurn sends the flag with the write command telling it to do so. This always worked perfectly in And the data was never "hidden". The drive actually burns out to 1 GB, I can see the burn ring. Is the flag maybe not being set correctly in the new version?
  5. Oh, and I'm using the Nero ASPI layer,, if that makes any difference.
  6. Pretty much what it says. I burned a DVD project using Build to Device mode. It was around 330 MB. I have most of the defualt options, so the DVD+R Finalise Disc option was activated correctly (DVD+R Reserve Track = OFF; new default in I burned the project and got just the 330 MB burned, not the normal padding to 1 GB. I tried also creating an ISO out of the project and burning the ISO with the same results. Both discs play fine in my home player. This feature worked in Need any other info? BenQ DW1650 Verbatim 16x DVD+R WinXP Pro SP2 Keep up the great work on this project!
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