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  1. Maybe the noobie can help.. I ran into this issue with the older ImgBurn conflcting with the newer release.
  2. Yah buddy!!! U guys are the best.. And I learned lots of things!! Thank you soo much
  3. I hope so!! Thank you all sooo much.. Ive read many posts in this forum and you are all some very kind and patient people.
  4. ok back in DVD flick i changed the video from PAL to NTSC.. Ill try again, thank you
  5. Well I converted it to DVD video and reburned.. Now I get a message from either the TV or the PS2 that " TV is not compatible" Thanks again for your help
  6. Well using a DVD convert program is easier than hot rodding my PS2 Thanks again
  7. Yes its an HP laptop 5 months old Thanks again for your interest, patience, and help.
  8. So its the Memorex? Not my newbie ImgBurn skills? Thanks for the tip.. And Tool is the best.
  9. Im tha noob. I used ImgBurn using TSST burner on my HP notebook. I used Memorex DVD-R 16X 4.7GB. To burn a dvd movie. ImgBurn worked great... i popped the disc in the PS2 and it says please insert a Playstation Disc.. A buddy of mine had burned some movies for me on TDK DVD-R that the pS2 WILL play. What gives? Before I get spanked I did search the forum. Thanks for your help!
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