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    Burn &verify

    i have a similar problem on one pc but it appears rarely that i didn't cared about, i didn't figured where the problem is since it appears rarely; hardware setup it's so different that i dont' know it has a sense of report it. it's an ati rs600 chipset on mobo, 2gb ram , Xp32sp3 not english and a Liteon lh20A1S burner; the installation is very clean because of the usage type and imgburn it's the only cd/dvd relating software installed (so there are no minifilters neither driver of various kind, only imgburn is present); memory check didn't found nothing, creating and cheching very large archives doesn't show errors. The firt time it happened i did a hex compare and found one single different bit, it was an archive, so archive test failed on the dvd file; later it happened more times and i just trashed the dvd end repeat the burn; i also confirm that one time i didn't quit imgburn and a burning again make the verify failed again; unfortunately i didn't took any log; also i did first a pi/po scan, since i write at 4x or 6x i got a score 99 with cspdeed+liteon that is an excellent result even on the failed media so it's not a media trouble; i also have ready a new pioneer 216 ready for swap the only different thing it's that the hdd is encrypted but it doesn't seem to be the problem, also i never experienced corruptions on the archives that i created (and they're big). i updated the firmware but the error happened again today and i got here, so i just read this thread and found that a later compare was succesful, i compared the failed file, then all the files and there are no error. i'm on vnc so later at home i'll see if i can catch same of the old failed media and check them; it's easy because they only contains big rars with RR and i have to check for their integrity with the same pc or another one. Still have imgburn running on the desktop after the failed verify and for now i'll leave it as is , do you need any help or same checks? i'll check the thread in two hours and to write a new media to see if it fail again and if at the same point; do you need any help to get more infos? if not i'll just swap the drive and live with the problem if it happen again, it's a minor problem and if it happen to fail only the verify (i hope to provide same info later) then it's not even a problem to me. bye for now.
  2. fk0

    Disc activity measurement issue?

    I noticed the same problem on 3 different hardware platform, to me it seem that imgburn always keep the buffer by reading immediately small chinks of data from the disk (correct me if i'm wrong); then it happen that if i touch other datas on the disk or launch any program windows goes crazy and the disk start seeking heavily making the data trasnfer going very slow with all the trouble you can expect (and the disk is very noisy while this is happening). So when i start to write a dvd or a bd-r i just have to not touch the pc and eventually disable the antivirus resident shield. Time ago i was able to burn up to 3 dvd at 4x at the same time using a well know burning software and two usb burner, however i'm using only imgburn from a lot of time because i like it more and it's free keeping with that problem, but if it can be solved i'll enjoy gaming/working and burning at the same time (burn a bdrom keep you pc busy for a lot of time). Maybe i do samething wrong on my settings? I usually turn off indexing, enable NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate activate and use always 4k ntfs block size, tested chipsets where 865G(old ich5) P35 and Ati_RS600, hdd are different but the issue it's the same everywhere. generally i have very good transfers on test while the hdd doesn't seek crazily, like 70mb/s disk2disk and 35mb/s network transfer; only this abnormal problem with seeking; also, can i tweak imgburn settings so it read larg chunk of data and wait a while before filling the buffer? if so i can tell if samething change. thx
  3. fk0

    western digital greenpower

    I have troubles with the same disk, i had problems of underruns with the previous disk that was an Seagate st3500320as but i never found what the problem was, so i moved it to another machine and installed a WD5000AACS green power; it's faster in terms of sequential read but is't a little slower on seek, now the problem seem to be worse. In fact when i write a dvd at 4x 6x or 8x 10x the ram buffer empty in a few second and only the device buffer work. however if i don't access the disk with other programs i don't have any underrun. Now came the strange thing, i tried to read from a dvd full to a iso and i got 0.6X of speed read, the buffer it's always empty and the disk it's so slow to access in any way like if 100 programs are using it. So after the various routein test on the disk that show it's working well i tried a commandline iso extractor that reach approx 14X at the final part of the dvd (and the disk is still working well). Duplicate a file on the same partition usually give 15 to 25mb/s , out on another disk 40, toher programs doesn't seem to have disk speed troubles , only imgburn.
  4. fk0

    Buffer empty

    I have the same problem with my two pc; on pc1 whenever another program touch the disk, es. opening an avi, the disk start to seek heavily and the buffer slowly empty then after a minute it reach 0% and the writing stop momentarily to fill the buffer, then restart writing and everything go fine untile another program just touch the disk, the it start to seek heavily for a minute until the buffer is totally empty; this mean that i can't touch the pc until it finish the work, i write dvd at 4x or 6x. it's a quadcore with 4gb/ram xp_x64 and sata disk, copy files disk1 to disk2 reach 80mb/s , copy files to the same disk reach 30mb/s, with nero and two usb burner usb i can write 3 dvd with different data at 4x without underrun. cdspeed give 90 to 98% quality on scans, the writer it's a liteon 20a1 ata, the disks are seagate 500gb sata and hitachi 500gb sata connected to ich9 the second pc has a normal p4 and a normal xp, in this one writing dvd at 4x i often get two to four underruns when i start writing the buffer slowly start to go down and after 30 secs reach 0% and it remain at 0% for minutes (it happended also that i didn't had underruns so i had the entire disk written with the buffer at 0%), so i usually see the writer buffer changing a lot. copy files to the same disk reach 25mb/s over network it reach 20mb/s (firewire ethernet), didn't tested wih nero, i always write at 4x with a Nec 7173 sata , disk is seagate 500gb connected to ich5, defrag scheduled every night. previously i had a 250 pata disk and it was the same. since it didn't seem a udma issue, antivirus, any tools etc, i can't understand what's goin on... edit: i didn't reported this in the post; the average verify speed goes from 11x to 13x that it's very good....

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