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    unable to run si dvd

    Hi, Everyone iam wondering if anyone of you can show me how to burn or run the disc ,which has transebase,MS-DOS,P2P and has created from company in MCAFEE software. Well i have a DVD disc of service info data in it ,it has startapp.exe,stopapp.exe and 5 types of different of folders with lots of files in it. the folders are TOMCAT,Tb,Sien,support and java. My problem is when i use original disc in my laptop it runs fine,but if i copy entire content in a folder & tried to run from that folder it does'nt run at all.Even i tried to make exact copy of it in a double layer disc it does'nt run at all.Has anyone know how to run this disc without running orignal disc or burn this stuff In fact original disc is not mine brought it in good faith must be return it back.i tried in image burn.mount in deamon tool,still unable to start from virtual drive. Iam not a computer genius if anyone shows step by step procedure it would be appreciated. thanks in advance.
  2. jackyshaikh

    unable to run si dvd

    Hi, dontasciime thanks for your reply,the disc is GM technical service info.I have extacted few pdf files from it,please just have a look on it so you will come to know to how to make run without the original disc.thanks in advance and in anticipate for your reply.I cannot attach more than 1mb,so there is only one file,if you send me direct e-mail i can send remaining files which would be easy for you. gmsidvdxpsp2.pdf
  3. jackyshaikh

    unable to run si dvd

    Hi, Everyone i can't decide after searching on google,my service info data disc is protected in which software and how to make this disc run without being using original disc,which i gave back as i wrote in first post.even i wrote i dont have deep knowlege of computers like you buddies. Iam sorry lighting uk i really did not understood what is 1:1 copy,i thought it is speed while copying images which i select max &8x.well i just want to run those images to see technical details&its very important to me.i had install demon tool lite,do i have to install other version to make it run perfectly or is there any changes i have to make in my laptop windows xp? please hepl me out
  4. jackyshaikh

    unable to run si dvd

    Hi, Yeah i did it 1:1 copy in imageburn the procedure suceeded,but when i mount with demon tool it looks like its starting no but it does'nt it shows warning message like this CANNOT LOCATE THE DVD ROM PLEASE INSERT THE CORRECT DVD -ROM SELECT OK & RESTART APPLICATION Now i really does'nt know what to do.Am i missing something or doing it i unusual way?please any one there to help me out.thanks in advance & appreciate for your above reply.
  5. jackyshaikh

    unable to run si dvd

    Hi, Thanks buddy i did both way as per guide,but no way.Is there any other options? iam desparate to solve out this problem.

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