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  1. Hi, i will post my logs, sorry i couln't do it before It may be a problem related only to my computers, who knows Anyway it doesn't happen with 2.3.2, only happen with 2.4 Also, it doesn't happen if i verify from the same dvd-recorder i burned the disk with, only happen when i test it from my DVD-rom Pioneer or LG to the iso image The computer i'm doing the test with is a old Pentium 4 with Intel 845PE chipset motherboard wich i use mostly to burn disks,latest intel chipset drivers used, Xp professional SP2 I'll post the logs today, just a bit patience
  2. Hi, yes i will post all the logs, no problem As i said, if i verify the hard disk iso to the disk inserted into the same dvd recorder i used for burning that disk, verification process will be fine If i test the same Hard disk iso to the same disk, but inserted into a Pioneer DVDrom reader, or LG dvdrom reader,, verification fail at 51% ( layerbreak ) It doesn't happen with version 2.3.2, only in 2.4 and later Tomorrow i'll post the logs
  3. Greetings, i have found a reproducible error while veryfing Verbatim +r dual layer disk, burned both with Plextor 760a drive and Pioneer A08 I burn the disks with clone cd and when i verify them using ImgBurn, the verify always fail at the layer break ( always 51% of the verification process,, when the layer break occur) I verify them comparing the hard disk Iso to the disk, inserted into a DVD-rom pioneer drive, or LG DVD-rom drive ( i don't verify from the same burner usually,, to 'save' the drive mechanism ) All this doesn't happen in the previous version 2.3.2, it only happen on 2.4 and later If i verify the Iso to the disk inserted into the same dvd-recorder i burned the disk.. the verification process is fine But anyway.. ImgBurn doesn't verify correctly anymore the iso to the disk inserted into any DVD-rom drive ( while version 2.3.2 did it perfectly ) There is some kind of bug in the layer break switch or something in my opinion Best Regards, Alex
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