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  1. As the title says, when I click on "tools", the drop down shows drive and changer greyed out. I'm running WIN7 Professional 64 bit and I also could not get the drive to open Win7 Ultimate 64 bit upgrade. The drive is a Samsung Writemaster SH-S183.
  2. My desktop has a pair of Samsung Lightscibe Writemasters (SH-S183L)set up as SATA. Recently I bought a Toshiba laptop that came with 3rd party copies of the original recovery disks. When I tried to make back up copies they weren't recognized by my desktop. ImgBurn also said the disks were blank. There was no way to make an .iso image. I tried it in another laptop and it was read and I used ImgBurn to make the .iso image. I transfered the image to my desktop and put a blank DVD in. I used ImgBurn to burn the image to the DVD. When it was done, the tray cycled, but when it verified I got the "Oh no". It gets weirder, I stuck the DVD I just burned into the Toshiba laptop and installed Vista with it. I know it's not ImgBurn, but what is stopping my desktop from "seeing" whats on these disks? I could read the disks in 3 different brands of laptops. The laptops and my desktop are all using Vista 32 bit. I had this happen a couple of time before and I tossed the disks I was trying to copy thinking they were bad. Thanks for any advice.

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