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  1. swampwizard52

    Game Disc...................

    Hello, I haven't burned a game disc in a while. It's an iso so it would be write image file to disc? Thanks for the help!
  2. swampwizard52

    ImageBurn doesn't recognize disc drive

    spinner I never said anything about ripping, you did. All I said was - burning an image. I was asked to supply a log which I did.
  3. swampwizard52

    ImageBurn doesn't recognize disc drive

    Hello, It still says device not ready even though I have a blank dvd in drive. Thanks ImgBurn.log
  4. Hello, I have ImageBurn installed on my laptop which use's Windows XP. When I go to burn an image IB doesn't recognize my disc drive. I 've checked this site but I don't see anything. Thanks
  5. swampwizard52


    Hello Everybody, I've downloaded all databases but all cover scans remain empty, Please help. Thanks
  6. swampwizard52

    ImageBurn/W7 problem

    The Predator file is empty?
  7. swampwizard52

    ImageBurn/W7 problem

    Hello Everybody, I've been useing ImageBurn for years In Windows XP and have finally made the jump to Windows 7. To make sure that I had every program to backup a disc set right I used my copy of Predator. I ripped the disc and then used DVD Shrink to make an image and that Image was stored in C: When I opened ImageBurn and looked in C: I can't find it. This was no problem in XP. I hope this isn't a stupid question but I've checked every guide. Help and Thanks for your time.
  8. swampwizard52

    Building Image Burn

    Hello Everybody, I will be purchasing a new computer soon and I would like to reinstall some programs on the new computer. I've always used ImageBurn to write so I'm a newbie when it comes to build. Will ImageBurn do this and what is the way to do it. What I want to do is put the programs on a disc. Thanks much.
  9. swampwizard52

    Burning .bkf file with ImageBurn

    Hello, It's been a long time since I've been to this forum so please bear with me. I've checked FAQ's and guides and I've not found what I need. I backed up my computer which use's Windows to a .bkf file. Can I use ImageBurn to burn that file to disk(DVD)? If so how? This would be greatly appreciated.Thanks
  10. swampwizard52

    No drives or devices detected?

    Wipe this one Worked just fine! Thanks
  11. swampwizard52

    No drives or devices detected?

    Hello Cynthia, I went to FAQ as you suggested. Yes, There was to many secrets.I did all three suggestians and nothing with the first two. Although there was a sys file in RootRepeal. Inclosed is the report. Which one should I wipe? Thank you! RootRepeal_Report_7_16_09.txt
  12. swampwizard52

    No drives or devices detected?

    After I created an image file and went to ImageBurn, the program doesn't recognize any of my drives? Help! Thanks much! dvdauthor.txt

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