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  1. I'm using AOPEN.. i guess that's why.. I've tried burning using 12x & 8x but still no good. Is it just with videos? Coz with mp3's it writes fine... I'm gonna return this to the store.. it's still covered by warranty anyway. Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone! I was trying to burn some DVD's when I got this error: I burned some mp3's just before this and it worked perfectly. It says something like Power Calibration so I unchecked the OPC thingy in settings. What seems to be the problem here? I'm attaching the log file. I need help.. ASAP.. Thanks in Advance! ImgBurn.log
  3. If anyone could please tell me what this means... is the problem with my dvd multidrive? I prefer imgburn than Nero but I gave Nero a shot and still no good. However, my brother can burn mp3 files from WinAmp. How is that so? Can anyone here tell me what's causing this? Thanks in advance

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