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  1. K... all fixed for now - although have only burnt 1 at moment - but it is burning I added in a ide burner and moved the sata burner to another port - the ide worked for dvd 1st time - so eliminated software/os issues. uninstalled burner causing issues - moved to another sata port and it is now working again. is the drive on the way out?? about 3 weeks agao it started auto closing after you open it, is this a sign that drives are their on way out?
  2. Well i don't get this - I was using my burner fine yesterday - just gone to burn another file this am with same disc and I am now getting this message. Now nothing has changed since yesterday - the pc has not be rebooted and no new/different software has been installed. the only thing i noticed is, using the 'Smart Burn' app that is for liteon burners - it now sees my d/l disc as cd's with a max burn rate of 48???? I get the same message on Img Burn whether it be a dvd or d/l dvd this is what the drive thinks it has in it - Drive Type = DVD Super AllWrite Disc Type = UNKNOWN Material = Cyanine Lead In = 00:00:00 Lead Out = 00:00:00 Nominal Capacity = -0.29MB Manufacturer Maybe = (null) SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 48X (Write) this disc's has burnt fine before - help pls.

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