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  1. IpseDixit

    Cuesheet burning out of spec

    Sorry about my ignorance, I've just burnt the same image with 4 different drives and I see ImgBurn is not responsible for these problems. Of course I'll keep investigating and reporting interesting things here. Thanks for your patience.
  2. IpseDixit

    Cuesheet burning out of spec

    Hi again, I've found another noncompliance, this time inside program area... If the actual pause exceeds 2 s, the length of the start flag shall give the actual pause length. ImgBurn is writing a start flag beginning right at the track number change, instead of a subcode block later (the encoding of channel P is delayed by one subcoding block with respect to the encoding of channel Q), That wrongly increases the size of the flag by one sector.
  3. IpseDixit

    Cuesheet burning out of spec

    Hello Lightning. The lead-out track shall be preceded by a start flag of 2 s to 3 s. That means a minimum of 150 sectors, ImgBurn is writing 149 of them, there's one missing inside lead-out to indicate its beginning. I hope this have a fix and thank you for your great tools.

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