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    Some ptions not working

    Thank you for the very quick response. I tried that and it works. Thanks again.
  2. bobgatz

    Some ptions not working

    In Tools/Settings/Device I have Eject tray after Verify selected, but when a disc is burned and verified the tray does not eject unless I also select Eject tray on the info page when a burn is started.
  3. Hi, I generally use the physical button on the drive to open and close the disc door. When I do that, the first disc burns and verifies OK. If I then load a new iso file and insert a new blank disc and use the drive button to close the door, imgburn sees the drive as becoming ready, and then states it is ready. If I initiate the burn, imgburn starts to reserve the track and then hangs. After about 5 minutes (to verify it indeed is doing nothing), I press the abort button and imgburn acknowledges that, but does not shut down. Windows XP cannot close down imgburn either, even when task manager is invoked to end the application. I have to force a power shutdown by holding the power switch on the computer. This has happened at least 3 times before I decided to use the eject and load buttons in the imgburn display to remove and load new discs. Now I can burn the subsequent discs with no problem. This info may help other users who are using the drive switch.

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