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  1. Hey guys, Long time, no see. My Sony Optiarc drive stands still strong on my system. I am not really burning anything anymore, except for a few CDs or DVDs ocasionally. But I do use the drive to extract audio from my purchased CDs, doing EAC and FLAC, bit perfect rips. However, I have seen this NZXT chassi, named S340 which blows away the ability to store 5 inchers. So I've been considering in acquiring this product from Lite On: http://www.liteonodd.com/en/dvd-external/item/dvdexternal/ebau108 An external DVD-RW, USB 2.0. From one thing I am still confused is why the datasheet/specs requires for a SATA port, since the interface is USB 2.0. To continue to extract my CDs in the pristine and fast way, should I: Get a CoolerMaster N300 with the bays and keep on the Optiarc... or Move to a NZXT and get an external DVD drive? What implications would it take? What would I lose in terms of audio extraction? Less speed? Less corrected errors ability? Do you guys ever believe that DVD-RW will eventually go away one day or is this particular case trying a game changer that's insane? Thank you for opinions!
  2. Ok folks, Thanks for your replies. This MDISC really looks interesting. I haven't seen this before... I read some US military force tested several brands under extreme condition and these ones were the only ones to survive.
  3. I'm not sure if I understand. Are you saying the discs I have are fake and CMC? I can provide media photo if you wish...
  4. They are genuine Mitsubishi Chemicals. They have a dark blue cyan reflective layer. I even destroyed one with a scissor - the label layer is far more resistant than Maxell's from Japan (Taiyo Yuden). Optiarc DVD RW AD-7240S 1.01 (ATA) Current Profile: CD-R Disc Information: Status: Complete State of Last Session: Complete Erasable: No Sessions: 1 Sectors: 4,608 Size: 9,437,184 bytes Time: 01:03:33 (MM:SS:FF) MID: 97m34s23f (Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.) Supported Write Speeds: 8x; 16x; 24x; 32x; 40x; 48x
  5. Hello folks! I have heard somewhere that if you write a CD-R until the end of the disc, it will make it last even longer than leaving unburned space in it. Is there any truth in it? The reason I ask is because I am authoring a CD-R with a 8MB image file, and I'd be interested in making any move to make this last as long as it can, since it will be left in a Library for a long time. For this occasion, I acquired Verbatim Genuine AZO CD-Rs. So if burning to the end is true, then It would be a waste of effort not to make use of this trick. Thanks for any elucidation around this!
  6. Title says it all. Can I say the same for Panasonic?
  7. I have one more question, what is the CDT file for created with CUE and BIN? Does this file matter at all?
  8. Ok, I installed SnagIt for a trial. I can't figure how to make the hand with sparkle appear. Can you give me a hint. Thanks! Update: Nevermind, I just found it. Thanks anyway.
  9. Thanks for your reply LightningUK. Thanks Peru. Yes, I have noticed I can do that in these two steps. Don't worry LightningUK, these CDs are our making. They're not commercial CDs. Three more questions: Do I have an option to not store the image onto the drive; I mean - after doing 5 copies, for example...? Can you supply that little hand with a sparkle that you use in your graphic tutorials? I have to elaborate a in-house tutorial too. Audio CD images are handled with what type of file by default? Bin and Cue?
  10. LightningUK, We're building up a ministry to record, replicate and sell in our church. These are audio CDs with 30-40 minutes of message/speech. We are going to sell them for about USD 3.70 each copy. Most of the funds will be to support the ministry itself since we have to buy media, printing aids and packaging. There will be a leftover to payoff. I can assure you no one is going to be rich off this. Sales are going to be about a few CDs per week. We still have no statistics on how much we are going to sell. ImgBurn is being looked as the application that will operate on a computer to make replications (one by one). Are you OK with this, or do we need a license for this? Thanks for this program. Update: I just noticed there is no Copy CD option! LOL Can you recommend a program, or can ImgBurn do this?
  11. DjBR

    Optiarc - AD7260S OB

    I recently need to buy more batches of this excelent drive, however, I was alarmed that I spotted the "OB" suffix in the model, and I have no information on what this is. Anyone knows what exactly is, if this is a catch, or nothing to fear about? Thanks
  12. Thanks Cynthia. That was really insightful. Closing order on Optiarc batches!
  13. Lite On iHAS122-04 Optiarc AD-7260S Pioneer DVR-219BK The store I am looking at have prices according to list order, being the Pioneer the more expensive. I myself own a AD7240-S and can`t complain, even burned dual-layers cheap media. I got a new Optiarc for a client machine the other day, for general use. Now this machine I will build will be a recording station, and it will burn CD-Rs. So this one has to be special. Any reason to change to Pioneer or should I stick with Optiarc? Comments really appreciated!
  14. Thanks LUK, now it worked. Yes, STPI does not always recognize the drive, specially Audio CDs. I had previously installed a wnaspi32.dll as a native DLL, but it did not work with ImgBurn set to ASPI (WNASPI32.DLL), however, I deleted the wnaspi32.dll from system32 wine drive_c folder; after this I copied another dummy dll and (all DLLs are identical dummy files) renamed it to wnaspi32.dll - THEN IT WORKED with option ASPI set, like you said. This is great. Been using Brasero and K3B but ImgBurn is one of the apps I mosltly miss from Windoze, along with foobar2000. Let us pray that you may wake up in love with the world and port this application to Linux, someday :-)
  15. System: Ubuntu 10.04 x86 ImgBurn : Latest Wine: 1.1.42 ImgBurn is working fine with data CDs and DVDs. The problem is with Audio CDs. Whenever I insert an Audio CD, it says "No devices detected!" I have changed the wnaspi32.dll for a native Windows version, and still get this error. Is this a showstopper or just a tiny configuration I am missing. And Yes, I have previously detected all the drives in WineConfig, including the CDROM drive (otherwise it wouldn't work with data cd, right?) Thanks for answers.
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