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  1. Have I landed in the wrong forum this morning? I thought this was the Chess Support Forum? Silly me Chess is a thinking man's game. If you're not a thinking man (or woman), you're not reading this forum, since reading this displays a desire to learn new information - i.e. "thinking." Actually, I just searched for a random term ("recurse" in this case), and was just reading related threads, and landed at this one. I know it's three years old, but I like to read as many as I can. Goes back to that whole "thinking" thing. I do have to agree with Chug that ImgBurn is too much for some users. Not that it's really complicated, but if people don't understand the basics of creating and burning discs, there's just too many gauges on the dashboard. They should, however, be able to simply add their files without even considering changing any options or settings. But to tell them simply that it's... well, simple, is kinda like Buckaroo Banzai telling John Parker, "It drives like a truck." Some of you will recall the reply - "Good... What is a truck?"
  2. I am using Alarm Clock, Battery Monitor, System Control, Volume Control, and Weather Channel. None of them has any reason to access any of the drives.
  3. Well, M$ didn't exactly fix the problem. Even with the hotfix in place, I have noticed that if I leave my computer on for a couple days, I once again get the Access Denied error. It appears that something in the Vista sidebar takes hold of the cdrom and then still doesn't let go. If I close the sidebar, ImgBurn works fine. There are no gadgets in my sidebar that have anything to do with the cdrom drive, so I don't understand why this happens, but then there are a lot of things that M$ does that I don't understand.
  4. I have installed the hotfix, and it has resolved my issue of not being able to lock my drive. ImgBurn runs flawlessly and without incident now. I also leave my laptop on 24/7 (unless I am traveling), and I have had no problems with my computer freezing or locking up. I do not have it set to sleep, but I do have an active screensaver, and the display is set to turn off after a while. Still, no freezing problems. Everything runs normally. The hotfix article doesn't say specifically what it does to fix the problem, but it sounds like you have another program which is now unstable, whether it's the hotfix that caused it or not. I would suggest leaving the hotfix installed, and finding the offending program. It is more than likely a program which was not originally installed on the computer, so I would start with the programs which were installed later. Once you find the offending program, try re-installing it and see if that solves the problem. There is a link in the hotfix article for contacting them regarding problems related to the hotfix, so you could take advantage of that resource as well.
  5. Are you saying M$ is the problem or the solution? (My vote is for problem, since there are still bugs from XP they never figured out) And get them to fix Vista? Now that's funny. And I already went through all the FAQs. I have been using sysinternals Process Explorer for quite some time now to fix problems created by M$, so I had tried that even before I looked at the FAQs. I will keep looking, though, and let you know if I discover the offending program.
  6. Well, I don't feel all that intelligent, now. Since you brought it up, I checked my pile of coasters. Although I have written to all three media I mentioned, every single one of my coasters is Memorex (the media type you saw in my log file). I tried the same build with a Maxell disc (because they're handy, and the Verbatim aren't), and it verified fine. So I guess Memorex has a new tagline: "Is it crap, or is it Memorex? We'll never tell, and you won't be able to, either." Thank you for steering me in the right direction. Although that still doesn't explain why ImgBurn can't lock my drive...
  7. I have been getting the same error, with "Access denied" as the reason. I click on 'Continue' to go ahead with the burn. I have created as many coasters as I have usable DVD's. The last one failed the verify process at 99% - so close, and yet so far. I have tested the ones that failed to verify, and they are indeed corrupt. I never had this problem before when using XP Home and ImgBurn 2.4.0, but now am using a laptop instead of a tower, Windows Vista, and ImgBurn 2.4.2. I have checked for firmware updates. I get the same error and create coasters regardless of my media (have tried Maxell, Memorex and Verbatim). I have read the FAQ, and every forum thread I could find, with no success. I tried Process Explorer, which I have used for a long time, and found only ImgBurn when I searched for cdrom, and found nothing when I searched for the drive letter. I tried using Unlocker, as suggested by Jill in one of the threads. Still, only ImgBurn showed up as having control over the device. I even tried searching the registry itself for something blocking access or control. In Process Explorer, I scrolled down through the processes looking for anything that even remotely looked like it might have a grip on my burner. I found two processes related to the HP QuickPlay program for watching DVD's, and found two processes related to MusicMatch. I killed them all. I even opened up the Windows services manager and stopped any file indexing services, thinking they might be accessing my burner. I still am getting the error after following a lot of suggestions, and trying several things on my own. I like to think of myself as pretty smart where computers are involved, but I am at a loss on this one. Frankly I suspect Vista is at the heart of my problem, but I can't for the life of me figure out how or where. Any more suggestions would be welcome. Log.txt

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