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  1. XAN

    Burning data over the limit

    Yes, trying to overburn this disc with 1% resulted in ImgBurn error, so I decided not too proceed with this, but to exclude some files. Thx for help!
  2. Does anybody know how much it is possible to "overburn" on Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL [MKM-001-00]?
  3. XAN

    MDS/MDF multitrack support

    Well, that image was downloaded from the internet, btw... Anyway, thx you for such great and free utility!
  4. I realize that it isn't possible for now to burn some subchannel data from mds, but maybe it's possible to burn disk without such data? I converted mdf/mds to bin/cue - and it was fine (as that image didn't require deep emulation, but was a audio+data cd)

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