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  1. In the Build mode, on the Information tab, add two lines preceded by check boxes. If the first box is checked, ImgBurn would examine all of the selected files and folders and display the number of file/folder names that will be truncated based on the current ImgBurn settings. If the second box is checked, ImgBurn would examine all of the selected files and folders and display the number of file/folder names that contain Unicode characters that will not be properly written based on the current ImgBurn settings. This information would allow me to determine, without actually burning a disc, whether the file/folder names on a burned disc will exactly match the names of the files/folders that were selected. When either of these numbers is greater than zero, it would be helpful if ImgBurn, in a pop-up box, would suggest how to modify the settings to decrease the number of files/folders that will be modified by the burning process, when it is possible to effect a reduction by changing one or more of the ImgBurn settings. Reply to LIGHTNING UK! Because want to obtain information without actually writing data to the disc, I have to assume that you are implying that I use the test mode. When I try to use the Test mode, my copy of ImgBurn informs me that the Test Mode does not support DVD+R media which is the only type of DVD media that I use because of its superior ability to minimize write errors when burning DVDs. In this context, your reply does not seem to address my needs because I will only see the log if I actually write data to the disc. In addition, the log does not seem to specify whether the file name was modified because the file name was too long or because it contained Unicode characters. It is possible that this information is at the end of the log entry for each of the modified files, however, you provide no means to see what is at the end of a long line in the log so I cannot see this information if it is provided. Please be advised that I set up my computer displays with 800 by 600 pixel resolution because of impaired vision which may explain why I do not see the end of long log lines.
  2. DOSforever

    unsupported characters

    Hi khagaroth, Sorry for the late reply but I just noticed your post. I will give Tixati a trial run, I would like to try some new Bittorrent clients because I do not like the changes uTorrent has make to the User Interface and some of the function changes they have make (I'm still using version 1.8.5). However, I am not sure that a better bittorrent client will solve the problem I am having. uTorrent was able to do a hash check on the original set of files that I used to burn the DVD. If uTorrent cannot do a hash check on the DVD files or on files copied back to a hard drive then this means that the bits are not identical to the files in the torrent that I downloaded and if I try to seed the torrent from the burned DVD I will not be uploading the exact contents of the files in the original torrent. Is this statement right or wrong ?
  3. DOSforever

    unsupported characters

    I have recently encountered a problem where ImgBurn does not write characters properly to a dual layer DVD using the UDF file system. I use the UDF file system because the files I am burning have very long file names. I have tried using ISO9660 + Joliet + UDF but this did not help. One of the problems is with a non-standard double dash. I call this a non-standard character because there is no gap between the two dashes. Windows Explorer copies this character correctly as does CopySyncDesktop so even though this is not a common character, these two programs recognize it and copy it correctly. ImBurn replaces this character with either a square box or with a thin vertical rectangle. The other problem is with the ' character that occurs in many Irish names such as O'Connell. ImgBurn replaces this character with a thin vertical rectangle. Do I have an incorrect setting in the ImgBurn configuration or does ImgBurn not support all of the characters in the Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 character set ? I think you probably solved my problem, I did have Unicode disabled because I did not realize that it was needed. I will enable Unicode and burn another DVD and let you know is this solves my problem. Good news and bad news. The good news is that one of the DVDs I was having problems with now burns perfectly with Unicoode enabled. The bad news is that another DVD that had the same problem now longer has that problem when I burn it with Unicode enabled, however it now has a new problem that did not occur when Unicode was disabled. The new problem is that even though the files names appear to be correct, when I perform a "Hash Check" using uTorrent, there are two djvu files that uTorrent claims have zero file size. Windows Explorer tells me that these two files have the correct file size and I can open them and view the entire contents of both files with a djvu viewer. I pruned that 5.21 GB torrent down to 24.5 MB and wrote it twice to a CD-RW disc, once with Unicode enabled and once with Unicode disabled. When Unicode is disabled, these two files pass the uTorrent "Hash Check" and when Unicode is enabled they do not pass the "Hash Check". If you can pull another rabbit out of the hat I will try any ImgBurn configuration changes you might suggest. If nothing appears obvious to you then I will probably have to look for another burning program to deal with this torrent as I suspect that you will not want to pursue a solution considering that it will involve doing "Hash Checks" using uTorrent.
  4. DOSforever

    File and Folder name suggestion

    Hi LIGHTNING.UK! I used the ISO9660 File System because the best recommendations that I found in Forums visited as a result of an Internet search for "burning long file names" said to use ISO9660:1999 Level X. I did not find anyone who recommended the use of the UDF File System but I did find several posts that caused me to conclede that most people who reply to posts in other Forums do not understand the UDF File System as well as they understand the ISO9660 File System. I took your advice and switched to the UDF File System and it seems to eliminate all the problems I was having with the ISO9660 File System as long as I disable Unicode support. Is there any downside to turning off Unicode support ? I have modified my original post to eliminate several suggestions and a comment that were misguided because I was using the wrong file system. I would be helpful if you would show on the UDF tab the number of characters that the UDF File System accomodates as you do on the ISO9660 and the Joliet tabs. I now have to concede that ImgBurn is almost the perfect burning program. It would be perfect if it had a Nero type Build interface as several other users have suggested in this Forum. Hi blutach Thanks for pointing me to the Restrictions tab. I realize now that I looked at this tab when I first installed ImgBurn but forgot it was there when I started burning DVDs. When I looked at it again after you suggested that I check it out, I immediately understood a problem I had when I installed ImgBurn on a second computer. I was unable to burn DVDs on the second computer because it was converting all file and folder names into 11 character DOS type file names. I realize now that ImgBurn defaults ISO9660 to Level 1 and I changed this to Level X on the first computer but because I forgot about this tab when I installed IsoBurn on the second computer I ended up using ISO9660 at Level 1 instead of Level X.
  5. I recently started using the Build Mode of ImgBurn to burn DVDs because it was the only way I could find to burn the long file names of eBooks that I was downloading from the Usenet. Nero was truncating file names and although I found posts in other Forums that suggested that nero could handle long file names, I was unable to get their suggestions to work. I almost gave up on ImgBurn because in the first DVD that I burned, ImgBurn changed all lower case letters in file names to upper case. After trying half a dozen more burning programs I returned to ImgBurn and found the check box that was causing lower case characters to be changed to upper case characters and unchecked it. Now when I use the ISO9660 File System option in ImgBurn I no longer get truncated file names and I can burn file names containing both upper and lower case letters, however ImgBurn does rename quite a few files because they contain semi-colons. Because people are posting numerous files on the Usenet that contain semi-colons I have to conclude that there must be ways to burn long file names and also accomodate the presence of semi-colons in the file names but I have not been able to figure out how to do it. Any help would be appreciated. My simple suggestion is: Uncheck the box "Uppercase File/Folder Names" in the default Settings.

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