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  1. Willy_in_Japan

    Problem Selecting Folders

    I seem to have solved my own problem. Something must have been corrupt......I reinstalled on a different drive and did not keep my settings. The problem is gone now.
  2. Willy_in_Japan

    "Unable to set layerbreak when useing DVD-R DL"

    --------------------------------------------------------- I've had the same problem using DVD-RDL media..........however, I was trying to burn an image already created with another program......say......DVD Shrink..... The solution to the problem was to mount the image in Daemon tools, and then use Imgburn to wrtie files to disc.....you can then set the layer break usually......and can burn to -DL
  3. Willy_in_Japan

    Problem Selecting Folders

    Hi there! I just wanted to ask if anyone has had this problem. I don't know why this is happening. When I write files to disc, I select a file or folder.......image burn hangs and i get the hourglass........sometimes the whole program goes white and stops responding. I have some folders previously selected and I can use those in the drop down menu, but if i want to select a new location the program stops responding. I have a bunch of USB drives attached to my computer and was thinking that perhaps it is having difficulty polling all the USB drives. I dunno...it is really frustrating. It WAS working fine a while back. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Willy

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