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  1. mcballa2010

    ?? confused

    Ok I went and bought different DL's and I got further this time but now, its been about 40 minutes and its still at 0 percent it says writing leadin... and i dont know what that means? any1 know whats going on?
  2. mcballa2010

    noob question probably

    ok yeah it says its able to write DVD+R DL's so does that mean that sony DL's I bought are shitty and don't work?
  3. mcballa2010

    noob question probably

    i feel like an idiot but where would i find tools at?
  4. mcballa2010

    noob question probably

    thank u =] umm do u mean like computer?
  5. mcballa2010

    noob question probably

    Ok, I have a dual layered dvd drive dvd+- idk if this has any significance but it says dvd+-RW? I got as far as uploading the file to imgburn and then I put my disc in. And it says medium not found. I'm using sony DVD+R Dl's btw any one know what to do?

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