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  1. Viper

    .PDI Reached EOF

    Just using Pinacle InstantCopy 8 Bit old, but quality is alot better than todays 'one click' versions. Sorry to cause all this trouble. Just weird that I could use your old stuff, and now I can't.
  2. Viper

    .PDI Reached EOF

    Hey Lightning! Tis not so tiny ~1gB per file Could I strip the headers out maybe?? Or get some debug dump? Happy to help! VPR
  3. Viper

    .PDI Reached EOF

    HI. Long time user, first time poster Just stumbled across this problem. Fairly sure its not me. So I get the EOF error when burning a '.pdi.' The program doesn't seem to switch to the '.pdixx' file. This function used to work fine on the older versions, but seems to be back. Tried using different burn modes, different media and speeds. Images burn using Pinacle. I didn't have any older version of ImgBurn or DVD-Decryptor, so I couldn't go back and work out when it stopped working... Sorry I 15:47:03 ImgBurn Version started!I 15:47:03 Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 3) I 15:47:03 Total Physical Memory: 3,406,216 KB - Available: 2,161,700 KB W 15:47:03 AnyDVD can interfere with ImgBurn's ability to verify accurately, please ensure it's disabled! I 15:47:04 Initialising SPTI... I 15:47:04 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... I 15:47:04 Found 2 DVD

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