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  1. Yes. I would love to. The problem is there is no single BD burner, that would allow to write both BD and DVD, and furthermore allow to check quality of recorded discs (I mean PIF/PIE/C1/C2 etc.). I am get used to label each recorded disc with a unique number, check recording quality and store a graph with PIE/PIF. Then, from time to time, retest quality to check if the disc is still in good condition, or should be rerecorded, as it's quality got alarming. So it seems I simply would like to get too much at a time
  2. Thank you for your replies. So the only way of achieving good quality M-Disc burns on my old LiteOn 20A4P would be to add M-Disc startegy to the burner's firmware. I have seen some modified firmwares for other LiteOn burners (http://club.myce.com/). Some people do add some additional burn strategies to firmwares. In a theory one could extract such a strategy from a burner, which has it and add it to an old firmware of any other drive of the same manufacturer. Maybe this would be enough. The problem is, I doubt anyone would be interested in doing this for such an old burner.
  3. As it was shown M-Disc DVDs can be written with non-M-Disc ready burners, but quality is poor. Maybe it would be enough to add M-Disc burn strategy to ImgBurn to be able to burn good quality M-Discs? I would be thankful for an answer. http://goughlui.com/2012/12/02/milleniata-m-disc-on-non-m-disc-burners/ -- p.h.

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