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  1. theguy


    thx alot, really helped me. i'm looking at the guides right now to see if i can find a solution to a different problem i'm experiencing there.
  2. i have the same problem as well, only for me it ALWAYS stops at 50%. an X360 game aswell .
  3. theguy


    so all i need is to extract the first one? it is a 1 video total, and it has an ISO in it.
  4. theguy


    i have something i want to burn to DL DVD, but it's in 68 parts and in .rar files, which each have .iso files in them which have the VIDEO_TS folder in it. all i want to know is if i need to extract the VIDEO_TS from each and every RAR file, or is there an easier way? also, if all i need is the VIDEO_TS then what about the rest of the stuff in there?
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