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  1. Does anyone know who the real manufacturer of my TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-H653A D300 drive that came on my Dell computer?
  2. Could some tell who makes the hp DVD-Ram GH40L SCSI Cd-Rom Device drive. It came on a Vista computer a Friend gave me. And I would like to burn my DVD+R discs as DVD-roms. So I need to change the advance settings for my drive. If my drive's manufacturer isn't listed, can use any of the other listed drive manufacturers , to burn DVD-roms. Thanks.
  3. leoliver

    Who makes the Sony DVD RW DRU-510A drive ?

    http://club.myce.com/f61/sony-dru-500a-liteon-99560/ So is there no setting I can use in "advanced settings" for this drive ? I believe I need to have it registered , in "advance settings" so I change the book type to DVD-Rom .
  4. Someone gave me a older computer with a Sony DVD RW DRU-510A drive. Can someone tell me who makes this Sony drive so I can use that info to set up the advanced settings. I have another Sony drive that you told me was a re-badgered Lite-on , but I now need some info on the DRU-510A drive also. Thanks.
  5. leoliver

    Verbatim DVD+R DL burn failure

    You were 100% correct about my drive needing a cleaning. I cleaned it with a " Maxell DVD Lens Cleaner " , and then I used another Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x disc , which then resulted in a successful burn . Problem solved. Sucessful_burn.log
  6. I re-entered the info in "advanced settings" ,and I did see the extra 2-rows you were referring to , in the Log file of my last successful burn.
  7. Hi Everyone, Today I was attempting to burn to a Verbatim DVD+R DL (Disc ID: MKM-001-00) . These are the recommended dual layer disc's for using with ImgBurn. I have successfully used these disc's in the past with both Nero and ImgBurn. And today was the first burn failure I've had with these disc's. It is also the first time I used the new ImgBurn version on my Win XP Pro SP3 computer. I have had successful burns with # . And I un-installed that version with Revo uninstaller and deleted any leftover files from the prior version , before installing the latest version. One other issue was different with the failed burn, I changed my drive device ID from "SONY DVD RW DRU-720A_JY08" to "SONY DVD RW DRU-720A" so I could try and permanently change the book type settings. I made a previous post about this issue , see : http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=9791 . And as I described in that post , the old setting is still showing up in the ImgBurn "Device" window. I don't know if that problem was the cause of the burn failure or not. I do know that something went wrong with this burn that wasn't a issue in the past. I'm attaching the log with this post . It seems to say that the failure reason was "W 12:27:49 Failed to Write Sectors 992640 - 992671 - Reason: Invalid Address For Write " Feedback on this issue will be appreciated. Failure_04_05_09.log
  8. I changed this in the "advanced settings" , to SONY DVD RW DRU-720A and it is displayed there and also in the "destination " selection menu. But in the "device" window it still displays SONY DVD RW DRU-720A JY08 . I upgraded to version , and tried to burn to a dual layer disc and the burn failed. Since that is a another issue I'll post a separate thread for that issue. But the Destination Device address was for " I 12:13:23 Destination Device: [0:0:0] SONY DVD RW DRU-720A JY08 (F:) (USB) " on the failed burn , and the failure was for this reason "W 12:27:49 Failed to Write Sectors 992640 - 992671 - Reason: Invalid Address For Write " . I'm wondering if the difference between the drive description in the advanced setting " SONY DVD RW DRU-720A" , and the drive description in the device window " SONY DVD RW DRU-720A JY08" could have caused this "Invalid Address For Write " error.
  9. Hi Everyone, I have a HL-DT-STCD-RW GCE-8481B ;C102 , 48X CD-RW recorder on my Win XP Pro SP3 computer. I would like to ask how I can tell who is the OEM of my CD-RW recorder ? I would like to know this so I can input the advance settings for the drive, so I can better burn Cd's with ImgBurn. Thanks.
  10. Hi Everyone, I have the latest ImgBurn version installed on my Win XP Pro SP3 computer. My DVD burner is a USB connected : " Drive OEM:Lite-On Drive ID String:SONY DVD RW DRU-720A_JY08 " And for every DVD write I have to manually change the book-type to DVD_ROM . When I attempt to permanently change the book type to DVD_Rom , by selecting "Drive (EEPROM!)" , I receive this error message : " unknown (failed) , Reason: No additional sense information . And when I do manually change the book type , it seems to revert back to normal before my next DVD burn. Which causes my burned DVDs to be the DVD+R book type when I auto use ImgBurn with DVD Fab. I have registered my DVD burner in the Advance settings , with Smart Burn enabled . But I would like some feedback on why ImgBurn won't allow me permanently change the book type to DVD_ROM when I burn DVDs with my SONY DVD RW DRU-720A_JY08 . Thanks!
  11. leoliver

    Use of disc verification

    Thanks for your reply. Too fast burn speed was probably the problem. One disc that failed verification was burned at the max (16x) , but normally I try to stick to 6x.
  12. leoliver

    Use of disc verification

    Hi Everyone, Is the burned disc verification process more oriented to data DVD burns rather than video DVDs with .vob files? The reason I ask this is because I have successfuly burned DVD video disc , and then the post-burn verification process tells me that verification fails due to bad sectors. And yet often the same disc's , that failed verification will play flawlessly in a stand-alone DVD player. That has happened with both IMGBurn created video DVDs , and disc's burned with Nero. Which causes me too wonder if disc verification is a accurate measure of the quality of .vob files on a burned video DVD disc ?

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