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  1. Zyber Sniper

    How Do I Burn Xbox 360 Games

    Could be a Booktype/bitsetting problem.
  2. Zyber Sniper

    Burn error while closing track

    Thanks a lot. The nForce drivers have been nothing but trouble most of the time. I had to upgrade due to the intermittent no video signal problem after the Windows XP SP3 upgrade.
  3. Zyber Sniper

    Burn error while closing track

    Does this mean the disc is in fact finalized? After Imgburn reports this error, I usually have to restart my computer before it would let me burn another image.
  4. Zyber Sniper

    Burn error while closing track

    I have the exact same problem and yes I am using a Nvidia controller, a nForce 430/6150 Asus A8N-VM CSM motherboard to be exact. I know its not the media as I am using the same Verbatim DVD+ DL discs I have always used on the same SATA based Pioneer DVD recorder. This seems to have started happening after upgrading my nForce drivers to the latest ones available on Nvidia.com Is this a known issue? The discs seem to play fine but it Imgburn always ends with this error when completing a burn.

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