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    How Do I Burn Xbox 360 Games

    always pick the .dvd file. better yet, name your .dvd file just like your iso, so if your file is game.iso you should also have game.dvd file, that way imgburn will use .dvd file even when you choose .iso file.
  2. k!dman

    Problems with SPTI and DVR-216D

    i've finally found the solution. i have to install nvidia's IDE drivers. simple as that. i've always used the microsoft ones, but looks like they were causing problems (or rather nvidia's drivers don't like microsoft's IDE drivers). I also looks like i have to install PCI sata card first and then install that damn nforce drivers:) thx again
  3. k!dman

    Problems with SPTI and DVR-216D

    i've never had a single problem with these discs, and the same thing happened with regular, single layer dvd's
  4. k!dman

    Problems with SPTI and DVR-216D

    My mobo is really old so i'm fairly sure i have the latest bios for it, with latest sil bios as well:) The thing is, same stuff happened on much newer motherboard, also with latest bios and drivers. I'm gonna stick to configuration that works for me, with ocasional fiddling with different settings to see which one give me errors. Thank you for your attention. Regards
  5. k!dman

    Problems with SPTI and DVR-216D

    Is using the onboard sil chip 3112 good enough? Because right now, everything is alright, so i don't think i have the urge to buy another sata card.
  6. k!dman

    Problems with SPTI and DVR-216D

    i didn't find any new bios for my via card, only drivers. i'll look for them. i have 4.94 version of my VIA Bios, and i haven't found any new (or old for that matter) one issues on both pc's? on via card AND 2 motherboards? well yeah, but the thing is it was readable etc, just the values were different which puzzled me. I also didn't have a single problem with them. unfortunately not. i'm kind of tight on a budget, but if you really insist i may try a verb using the old settings.
  7. k!dman

    Problems with SPTI and DVR-216D

    one more thing (RAID) means it's connected to SATA pci card, and 216D and L are the same thing, only that 'L' supports writing DVD-RAM and has Labelflash stuff i've also changed ATA drivers to nvidia's (from original windows' ones) and went back to older nvidia stuff, but sil 3112 drivers remained the same.
  8. k!dman

    Problems with SPTI and DVR-216D

    maxell, esperanza, verbatim, phillips that is correct nope, i've tried two of them LIGHTNING UK!: ===============================================Filter Driver Load Order - ImgBurn v2.4.2.0 =============================================== Upper Device Filter: redbook Upper Class Filter: [None Found] Device: CD/DVD-ROM Device Lower Class Filter: [None Found] Lower Device Filter: imapi Filter Name: redbook File Name: F:\WINDOWS\system32\DRIVERS\redbook.sys File Version: 5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413-2108) File Description: Sterownik filtru audio Redbook Product Name: System operacyjny Microsoft
  9. Hello, first of all - IMGBurn is my favourite burning program ever and to everyone involved: Thank you! Secondly i was enjoying imgburn with my old burner (NEC 3520-A) since the DVD Decrypter days untill 3 days ago when i decided to buy Pioneer DVR-216D (SATA). Everything seemed to be ok, but i was unable to verify burned data, it was readable but values didn't match the iso/source. I also couldn't burn a single DVD+R DL disc, everything failed even before switching layers. I was getting 'Invalid Address For Write' errors, no matter which disc brand i would try. I've tried anything i could, i've replaced the drive 3 times and still had no success. It was untill today when i decided to change the I/O interfacet to 'Pati-Couffin' i was finally able to burn DVD+R DL disc and verify it too. The whole thing happened on 2 PC's: 1) abit nf7 nforce2 with sil 3112 chipset and via 6421A SATA pci card (tested on both), win xp sp3 2) (friend's pc) some gigabyte motheboard with Nforce4 chipset, win xp sp3 Is it SPTI issue or imgburn? Can i use anything other than SPTI 'globally' ? Reading is fine, i always could verify old discs (burned with my NEC drive) agains original iso, so i guess it's only a burning problem. Prime example of what i've been experiencing. Thanks in advance for any replies. p.s. sorry for any mistakes, english isn't my mother tongue so feel free to ask if something was not clear

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