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    VirtualAllco Failed: Not Enough Storage...

    Hi! I'm sorry to revive and kidnap this old thread, but I just had a very similar problem, and I don't think its going to hurt to report it. I hardly ever use ImgBurn (I grow used to use Nero 6), but recently I started to burn DVD with files bigger than 2GB, so I started using UDF. Since Nero limited the length of the label, I googled a solution and found that the ImgBurn could rename the volume label, with a far larger limit. But I didn't like the idea of having to create a image just so I could rename the label. So I decided to check if ImgBurn supported disc creation and not only image burning, and for my surprise, it also did. So I stared using it whenever I needed to create UDF discs. I have always had the impression that the buffer limits used by burning software in general to be to low, and I always thought that every one else should allow 256mb like ImgBurn did. And again, while re-tweaking its options, I was amazed to find that now it allowed 512mb. I had to try right away, and then the same problem happened to be. When I google it, I found this thread. I do agree that this must be a windows issue, but I also think it is one that you, the developer, should be aware. Who knows, this might hurt stability of the program if allowed to be pushed to its limit. I use Windows XP 64-bit Editon and have 6GB of RAM and have had exactly the same problem as Handler did. Perhaps windows has a limitation for memory allocation per process. Since lowering the Build buffer solves this is issue (and this size is enough), its no big deal. But if some day, you could check a way to solve this I be grateful. Thanks. And by the way, this is a wicked piece of software. Really good. The only thing I missed is the speed selection box not hiding speeds unavailiable for current media/burner. Anyway, thanks for sharing it with world.

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