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  1. Is that planned to happen soon ? :)


    It is really awkward when you want to burn an audio image file (nero image file format) and the ImgBurn just won't alllow it ... I read a topic concerning this, but there is now rather old and at the time it was told, that this feature is coming up soon... I have sent the same question, as I am asking now, to Lightning UK but got no answer so far, so I thought I would be more noticable, if I posted the question here.


    Thanx for all the replies and I would especially like to here from the author of this great progy. :thumbup:

  2. I have a 4 year-old NEC NR-9100 OEM ( came with my Dell OptiPlex 260 ) that still works as on the day it was manufactured. No problems with any media or software.


    Such excellent experience with NEC gave me an easy answer, when I was deciding to buy a DVD burner - I bought NEC 3540A. Since I wanted to keep my internal Lite-On DVD-ROM, which really proved well with playing many movies on many different media, I also bought Canyon's 5.25" Aluminium external enclosure ( this baby also works without any problems in Suse Linux 9.3 ... :thumbup: ), which also "transformed" my IDE drive to USB device ( enclosure has integrated circuit to convert IDE -> USB interface ).

    I was burning movies and I still do with ImgBurn with light speed ( 16,1 ? !!!!! ) on Verbatim DVD-R 4,7GB media ...

    Absolutely no problems AT ALL, even under Wine !!!!


    Cheers to LIGHTNING UK! !!! drinks.giffriends.gif

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