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  1. Cube 8

    Number of copies label not updated

    I haven't experimented that far, but I believe you
  2. Cube 8

    Number of copies label not updated

    Actually, it's not necessary to update it every second; only when the user clicks OK at the Queue dialog.
  3. It's more like a glitch, not a bug. During the burn process, if I have chosen to burn several copies of the same iso, the program indicates that I am currently burning the "Copy: x of y". So far so good. But, if I change my mind and want to make more (or less) copies of the particular iso image, I go to View -> Queue, select the iso file, check the Set copies checkbox and then set the new number of copies. However, this change isn't reflected to the "Copy: x of y" label, until the current write operation is completed. This caused me a confusion, until I re-opened the Queue window and saw that the new value is still there.
  4. Cube 8

    Disc Layout Editor bug

    Glad I helped
  5. Cube 8

    Disc Layout Editor bug

    As you may notice in the picture, the scrollbar position is not correct. To fully understand what I mean, open the drop-down list and use the mouse wheel. You will see that the scrollbar is updated after one "mouse-scroll-step", although the list contents are positioned correctly. Most likely it's the component's fault, as I've read here about another bug (which I came across, too) regarding this component. It's not a big issue, rather a bit annoying.
  6. Cube 8

    Automatic Write Speed settings

    I guess you're right. At first, it seemed like a bug. But since this is how it is supposed to work, it is indeed a suggestion... Keep up man.
  7. Cube 8

    Automatic Write Speed settings

    Then there is no point in having the particular button enabled. It should be disabled if I call the form while I am in EZ-Mode Picker.
  8. I have an empty DVD in the drive. I am in the EZ-Mode Picker. I go to Tools->Automatic Write Speed, in order to add the current media to the list. But: The Set Disc ID button doesn't work. It was supposed to automatically fill the above field with the current DVD's ID. If I go to any other mode, the disc info is shown in the main window's right pane and the field is filled automatically upon form-load. It doesn't matter whether I insert the disc before or after I start ImgBurn.
  9. After some quick experimentation with the options inside I/O tab, I managed to make it work with max buffer setting. I changed the interface setting from SPTI to Patin-Couffin. I don't know what actual difference it makes (maybe it's just a coincidence), but I don't get this annoying message any more.
  10. UPDATE I've just tried 511MB and it works (well... for reading*). I really don't understand what could be wrong with 1 megabyte more buffer. *EDIT: I discovered that, after reading a disc, I can't write one. The same message appears. If I close and re-open the program, I can write to a CD using 511MB buffer. Something must be wrong with ImgBurn's memory flushing.
  11. Maybe you should add a notice about this message when someone attempts to set the buffer to max. You shouldn't lower the max value! 512 is OK. Setting as much buffer as possible (especially if there is a lot of RAM) is good. You already know that.
  12. Yeah, it allowed setting exactly 512MB. Anyway, this small workaround is not really a problem. Allocating 500 instead of 512, makes almost no difference. I would recommend you should look through this (if there is anything you can do - maybe MSDN?). There's no point in having the setting of 512 available to users and not being able to use it.
  13. I agree and won't argue about that. How do you explain the fact that it worked in v2.4.2.0? Did you change any of the API parameters?
  14. The next message says: Failed to initialize FIFO buffer (536.870.912 bytes) I have reviving old threads, so I created a new one. This time, I'm trying to read from a CD to an iso file. I have XP x64 with 6GB RAM. I have v2.5.0.0. I didn't have this problem with version I didn't change anything in the settings. If I set the buffer to slightly lower than 512 (say, 500MB) it works. I think this is a bug in ImgBurn. If you confirm so, you can move the thread to the appropriate forum. Two things make me believe it: 1. Not being able to handle 512MB of buffer in a system with 5GB free RAM makes no sense. 2. As I said, v2.4.2.0 works with max buffer setting.

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