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  1. kurt

    burn speed graph

    hi , i used 1.0 before and i got no ups and downs in the burnspeed. now i use 1.1 and the speed goes up and down all the time, here is my burn speed graph. is this normal ? please info. thx in advance.
  2. kurt

    burn speed graph

    hi , here are 2 more tests. i started with a fesh engine and no other progs in use. only imgburn was running , the cpu-usage is high. the result is better and in the second test almost perfect. but as i said no other prog is running and a fresh engine-start.
  3. kurt

    burn speed graph

    it is strange. when i was burning with version 1.0 , i didn't have any probs. also when i now burn the same disc with nero 6.xxx no probs at all. greets kurt.
  4. kurt

    burn speed graph

    already said that the speed was 4x. the cpu usage of imgburn is high , the first buffer changes all the time from 100% to 0%. the device-buffer goes all the time up and down. btw do not worry about my font-size , is only in dvdinfo. thx for your answers. greets kurt.
  5. kurt

    burn speed graph

    thx for info. but my avg speed is only 2.5-3x , burning 5 dvd with a speed of 4x. i think i'm going back to version 1.0. greets kurt

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