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  1. As far as I have been able to determine, the queue function does not allow you to specify the drive that will be used for burning nor can you set in advance whether the ISO image will be deleted after the burn. In my neck of the woods (Tokyo) decent DVD burners can be bought for 40 quid or less and the price is dropping steadily. I would like to be able to do something such as have a queue that would 1.iso to drive 1 with a specific parameter set 2.iso to drive 2 with a specific parameter set N.iso to drive N with a specific parameter set where N is something around 4 and all of this to happen after I have gone off to work and my home machine can be tied up burning images. As far as I have been able to determine (perhaps I've missed something), the current queue system is simply a batch system for a single drive. This does not strike me as particularly useful. Am I missing something? EHK
  2. I'm not sure what you mean by an image file - an ISO file or a screen image? I'm guessing, probably wrongly, that you want a screen image. I've provided two: the first is ImgBurn with the garbaged file names; the second is the proper file name from 2xexplorer, a freebie European language file manager that works perfectly with Japanese. I don't think you need a real ISO file with a unicode name to check your code. Any random file with a multibyte/unicode file name and an ISO extension, even if it isn't a real ISO file should allow you to trace the error. Or you can take an existing ISO file that you have, copy a bit of Chinese, Japanese, or Korean text from somewhere. Replace your existing file name with this bit of text and play around with it. Given that Winblows since 2000 on is unicode based, I would assume there is some incentive for professional programmers to learn how to code properly for international usage. The Microsoft MSN developer site has a number of items on proper programming for multi-language usage.
  3. ImgBurn does not properly display unicode file names (Japanese in my case). I am using ImgBurn with Windows 2000 (Japanese edition). Presumably, this is a problem with with the font being used for file name display since the programme appears to process the ISO files correctly.
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