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    Problem with img Verify in Ver

    It was the exact same image (.img) though I tried several times with ImgBurn and it kept failing the verify at the start, I closed ImgBurn and tried DVDD it it worked straight off (All discs burnt with AnyDVD ON). I've never had anything fail verify in Stomp before...well apart from a batch of gen1 Princo dvdrs several years ago. I've uninstalled AnyDVD now anyway so hopefully won't be a problem for me anymore.
  2. Cheatman

    Problem with img Verify in Ver

    It seems AnyDVD is affecting the burn more than the verify though....with DVDD and AnyDVD on, verify passes on both DVDD and Stomp (Verify only). But the same DVDR burnt with the latest ImgBurn and AnyDVD fails verification in both ImgBurn and Stomp (Verify only). If it was only the verification in ImgBurn that was the problem...why is it also failing verification in Stomp only when the DVD has been burnt with IB?
  3. Cheatman

    Problem with img Verify in Ver

    I'm having the same problem with a img file, I tried it three times, 2 x CMC.MAG.AE1 and a Ritek G05 both fail on verify very close to the start. And sure enough when I use RecordNow MAX on a verify ONLY setting - they fail verification near the start. I used DVDD and it burned it to a CMC.MAG.AE1 and verified fine in both DVDD and RecordNow without any problems at all. I've also got AnyDVD installed but rarely use it, I've uninstalled it now and will give it a go when I've got something else ready to burn. The failed verification discs play fine in my standalones...

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