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  1. does anyone one have a good source i try the torrents but they take forever is there anywhere else please send links and not hate mail thanks
  2. schilldog

    How Do I Burn Xbox 360 Games

    i've downloaded a game and want to know which file i need to burn some say use clone cd to burn the .dvd file and nero to burn an iso file and with this i was told you use both. what is the easiest way and how do i do it i am totaly new to all of this and bought a modded xbox for my son's i don't have the xbox to check and see if it work is there any truth behind this or am i just wasting time i would really like some help or a link to a step by step way of doing this i can burn regulaer xbox games with no prblem but the 360 has this .dvd file is it true that is a layer breaker and you have to have it in the burning process. thanks for all the help i have gotten here already. i would just to learn so my kids can play this game and quit bugging me lol thanks again you people seem to be the only one's that talk about everything i've seen on the net in one place these site has been my only help so far and i've looked everywhere and any good sites to down load games would help too thanks again

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