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  1. That is impressive! I may be exaggerating a teeny tiny bit but that's it felt like, I turned around, and then I turned back again, and it was done! L UK ftw
  2. Thank you so much I had a bit of trouble, but that was on my part thanks again! works beautifully I might add
  3. thoughts13

    imgburn is win

    so I couldn't find a place to post how win imgburn is. It's very win. I burned an iso in like 2 seconds insane, man. now I'm just trying to find an iso mounting prgm you guys wouldn't know of any nice free ones as good as imgburn do you? well if there is omething that is as good as imgburn as I've said, its very win. Any suggestions as to where I can find a iso mounting prgrm so that I can mount isos as virtual cd/dvd drive would be nice. I know of alcohol 50 adn 120 percent. but 50 is laced with spyware and you have to pay for 120 heard that daemon tools, the latest version has spyware too. is it too much to ask to get something without viri? anyways, I'm rambling. any suggestion is appreciated, imgburn is win
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