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  1. Hello!


    I'm getting this error "power calibration error" while trying to burn dvd's lately.

    i understand that it has somthing to do with failure to write the lead-in part in the process.

    The weird thing is that i CAN burn regular CD's but not DVD's anymore..


    I HAVE TRIED the following steps with no luck:


    I've tried different medias for burning

    I've re-installed the software in the windows device manager.

    I've updated NERO and IMGBURN to the latest version.

    I've flashed the FIRMWARE to a later version (from 1.3 to 1.5)

    from liggy dee's firmware update page.

    The IMAPI cd-burning COM service is off in the managment tools.

    I've tried burning in lower speeds (x4) and without multissesion.

    I've cleaned the lense with a cleaning disc.


    PLEASE i need your help! i'm desperate with this one!

    I don't have money right now for a new burner and i'm using it frequently.


    BTW i'm using windows XP and i will put the log error here for your professional eyes...



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