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  1. The BenQ Support said to me, I should the firmware BSLB or BSMB to use. One did not want to say details to me. One has also sent me immediately both firmware. I must probably trust the Support. Bye
  2. Surface: white printable Media Code: YUDEN000-T02-00 Labelling (ring): TG/PG And as already said... Tomorrow I ask the BenQ Support. It is also possible, the BenQ is quite defective after 2 months. #39;(
  3. Here a PIPO Scan with 4x and 8x burn. My BenQ drive, the 'Device Buffer' fluctuates between 85% and 95%. If is only my personal opinion, but I may with 4x write speed rather. Tomorrow I will ask the BenQ Support.
  4. Thanks for the answers, If one uses QSuite, it is recommended always as a write speed 4x for the TY. Also I see a clear difference between 4x and 8x writing speed with the TY. A new firmware will probably solve the problem. It is funny, only if I use Record Now, the drive does not throttle the burning speed. It happens always only in ImgBurn (therefore my question). If the new version of ImgBurn is available, I try it over again. Thanks!
  5. If one burns an image with ImgBurn, most time the adjusted write speed used. Sometimes I have the problem that the adjusted write speed is ignored. The same was noticeable to me, if one accomplishes only the TEST MODE and burns then the image. The TEST MODE runs with 4x and afterwards with 2,4x is written. I am not sure whether does it concern here a possible bug? A little help or an explanation like this can happen, would be nice.

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