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  1. I received a message saying that using read mode to create an image from a multi-track DVD-R disk is not currently supported. I am using the latest Windows on my computer and this is a self burned disk from my Toshiba D-R410 DVD Video recorded. I must have done something different when burning this disk because I could swear I have copied DVD-R disks I created from my Toshiba many times before. So, how do I use the build mode to make a copy of this disk? When I select build mode it says the disk is not empty.
  2. Hi, I am trying to create a .Cue file. When I click create a .Cue file I get a screen that shows the Description with Disk and the 2:00 on the right. Just to the right of that is the folder button. When I click on it to locate the .mp3 file I want I get a popup with the error C06D0057 I am using WIndows 7. Thanks,
  3. Thanks. Highlighting the stream worked.
  4. Thanks. I was pretty sure I had that selected but I will try again.
  5. I thought I had an AC3 file as I ripped it per the guide but instead I have a .IFO file and a .VOB file. Nothing ending in .ACE althought the text file created did mention one. Here is what it said. 0x80 - Audio - AC3 / 2ch / 48kHz / DRC / LBA: 118 / PTS: 00:00:00.229 / Delay: -66ms 0xE0 - Video - MPEG-2 / 720x480 (NTSC) / 4:3 / LBA: 1 / PTS: 00:00:00.296 / Delay: 0m DId I miss something?
  6. Is this what you were looking to do? http://www.dvd-guides.com/content/view/136/59/ That is funny I was just coming here to ask something similar. I have completed the few steps and created a .AC3 file but don't have the goldwave program and wanted to know if there was a way for imgburn to burn that to CD.
  7. Thanks. Not really a big deal. What happens if it overburns and would I be able to tell somehow?
  8. Hi, I have a mp3 file that is 79:59:71 and when I click create a CUE file to burn it to a CD it says there are 359,846 image sectors and the disk only holds 359,845 which is only one sector less. IF I click proceed will the disk turn out okay? My guess is it may cut off the last second or two which is fine; but if it messes up the whole disk then I would have to figure something else out.
  9. I have some audio disks that for some reason I cannot get Windows Media player (WMP) to convert to mp3. WMP seems finicky at times; I have some disks I have ripped previously that when I load in my D:/ Drive the rip CD icon is greyed out. I;'m not sure why a CD will rip one day and not the next. To make a long story short can Imgburn rip these CDs to mp3 files?
  10. I made two copies a few months back. Not sure I can pinpoint when and then find it in the log. Is there anyway to check the disk? I'm not sure I made this clear but the original I had was the same way. Both the original and the copies will only play in one of my DVD players. It will not play in the other two DVD players I have including my newest one. I have someone interested in it, but am not sure he'll be able to view it.
  11. I made two copies a few months back. Not sure I can pinpoint when and then find it in the log. Is there anyway to check the disk?
  12. This is not a commercial DVD. It is an old football highlight film that was probably originally recorded on VHS and then burned to DVD.
  13. I have a DVD-R that only play in one of my three DVD players. In the other two the beginning appears but that is it. (It may even skip top the end) I thought perhaps it was the disk and copied it but no luck. I also tried to use the build mode from the Video_TS folder and the same thing occurs. This is the only disk I have this problem with. Any ideas as to why it won't play in most DVD players? THe one it works in is not brand new it is probably a half dozen years old and there is nothing remarkable about it.
  14. Thanks. Does the output have to be to a file or can it save it directly to the DVD-R? As of now, i can't get it to save to the dvd
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