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  1. I received a message saying that using read mode to create an image from a multi-track DVD-R disk is not currently supported.  

    I am using the latest  Windows on my computer and this is a self burned disk from my Toshiba D-R410 DVD Video recorded.  I must have done something different when burning this disk because I could swear I have copied DVD-R disks I created from my Toshiba many times before.

    So, how do I use the build mode to make a copy of this disk?  When I select build mode it says the disk is not empty.  

  2. I thought I had an AC3 file as I ripped it per the guide but instead I have a .IFO file and a .VOB file. Nothing ending in .ACE althought the text file created did mention one. Here is what it said.


    0x80 - Audio - AC3 / 2ch / 48kHz / DRC / LBA: 118 / PTS: 00:00:00.229 / Delay: -66ms

    0xE0 - Video - MPEG-2 / 720x480 (NTSC) / 4:3 / LBA: 1 / PTS: 00:00:00.296 / Delay: 0m



    DId I miss something?

  3. Hopefully this is not too dumb a question. Is there an easy of only extracting audio rather than audio and video with Imgburn?


    Is this what you were looking to do?



    That is funny I was just coming here to ask something similar. I have completed the few steps and created a .AC3 file but don't have the goldwave program and wanted to know if there was a way for imgburn to burn that to CD.

  4. Hi,


    I have a mp3 file that is 79:59:71 and when I click create a CUE file to burn it to a CD it says there are 359,846 image sectors and the disk only holds 359,845 which is only one sector less. IF I click proceed will the disk turn out okay? My guess is it may cut off the last second or two which is fine; but if it messes up the whole disk then I would have to figure something else out.

  5. I have some audio disks that for some reason I cannot get Windows Media player (WMP) to convert to mp3. WMP seems finicky at times; I have some disks I have ripped previously that when I load in my D:/ Drive the rip CD icon is greyed out. I;'m not sure why a CD will rip one day and not the next.


    To make a long story short can Imgburn rip these CDs to mp3 files?

  6. Post the log from when you've copied and burned.


    I made two copies a few months back. Not sure I can pinpoint when and then find it in the log. Is there anyway to check the disk?


    I'm not sure I made this clear but the original I had was the same way. Both the original and the copies will only play in one of my DVD players. It will not play in the other two DVD players I have including my newest one. I have someone interested in it, but am not sure he'll be able to view it.

  7. I have a DVD-R that only play in one of my three DVD players. In the other two the beginning appears but that is it. (It may even skip top the end) I thought perhaps it was the disk and copied it but no luck. I also tried to use the build mode from the Video_TS folder and the same thing occurs. This is the only disk I have this problem with. Any ideas as to why it won't play in most DVD players? THe one it works in is not brand new it is probably a half dozen years old and there is nothing remarkable about it.

  8. You should use the 'ISO9660 + Joliet' file system option as it's the most compatible with standalone players for that type of disc.


    That's about all you should need to change though.

    Thanks. Does the output have to be to a file or can it save it directly to the DVD-R? As of now, i can't get it to save to the dvd

  9. Just drag and drop into Build mode ('Write files/folder to disc').


    Use the 'Advanced' input mode, it'll probably make organising them a little easier.


    Thanks. I've added the files in the build mode. Do I need to adjust the settings at all? I just want everything copied as is to the DVD-R and keep them in the mp3 format.


    If everything is ok, do I just click build and will it write to the DVD-R?


    Thanks again.

  10. Hi,


    I have a bunch of mp3 files I wanted to put on a DVD-R. My computer will let me copy them from my hard drive to a CD-R using Microsoft XP, but for some reason it does not recognize DVD-Rs. It is a DVD-RW drive as I can use ImgBurn to copy DVDs. Since DVD-Rs can hold many more mp3s than a CD-R can, I'd like to be able to do this.



  11. Hi,


    I am having problems doing something very simple and maybe the best way to do this is with Imgburn. I have a DVD-R full of mp3 files of old radio broadcasts (non-music and they are in the public domain) and I just trying to copy them to another DVD-R. I thought I could do this with Windows but am having problems. It says I have files waiting to be written to the CD but it doesn't work. It must be due to the fact that this computer does not have a DVD-R drive.


    I do have a DVD-RW drive on another computer. Can I use ImgBurn for this or would you stick with windows?




  12. Ah, that'll be why then.


    2 choices then really...


    1. edit the mp3 to remove stuff / cut it into 2 or more bits and then burn it via the CUE window.

    2. burn the mp3 file as-is (using Build mode) and only be able to play it on a pc or standalone that supports mp3 discs.


    Is it difficult to cut it into 2 bits? How would I do this? BTW many of these files are 10 MB and 44 minutes in length (Maybe that is better quality than the 43 MB file that is 83 minutes) but that would take 4 CD-Rs.


    I suppose the quality isn't any different listening on a CD-player in my car compared to on my computer.... but my preference would be to be able to listen while I am driving.

  13. If your 43MB MP3 file decodes to something over 80 mins in length then it must be super low quality!


    How long does ImgBurn think it is once you've added it to the CUE creation window?


    93 minutes. It is an old radio broadcast. Some of these MP3 files are old radio shows or sporting events.

  14. Yes, that's the guide you should use for burning your MP3.


    Some of those files were too big to put on a CD-R. I'm sure there is a good reason for this, but at this time I don't understand. It appears some of these MP3 files are pretty big at 43MB and if I were to try and burn them on a CD-R, they are too large to fit even though the CD-R says it can hold 700 MB of information.


    However, I can copy/burn using Windows XP these MP3 files as is onto a CD-R and have plenty of space left over. I can get hours and hours on a single CD-R. Unfortunately, they cannot play on my CD player in my car, but can play on my computer with Windows Media Player. So can I assume that when you try to create an audio CD using ImgBurn to play in most regular CD players the process makes the file much bigger than the 43 MB so it cannot be burned to a single CD-R. (the 43 MB CD must be more than 80 minutes I'm guessing)


    Is there any quality difference if I keep it as a MP-3 file for computer use versus if I were to take a smaller MP-e file and create an audio CD? I hope I made sense here.



  15. You can follow this guide to copy that disc ;)

    THanks it worked.


    One more question. I downloaded an MP-3 file using IE and tried to save it to a disk, but it didn't work. It is located here.. C:\Documents and Settings\K Schmidt\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\CD Burning


    Can I use Imgburn to burn it on a CD-R? Is this where I would use this guide?




    it is a pretty big file if that makes a difference. (43,543kb)

  16. In what format do you have it? If it's the normal audio formats that guide should work.if you want to create an audio cd. If you just want to backup the files you can use the build mode.


    I'd like to create an audio CD. It is currently on a CD-R and windows explorer says it has 2 tracks: track01.cda and track02.cda

  17. I'm unable to verify. Is it the disk, drive or something else?? This is the first time I've had this problem.


    I 15:48:23 ImgBurn Version started!

    I 15:48:23 Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 3)

    I 15:48:23 Total Physical Memory: 1,571,824 KB - Available: 845,252 KB

    I 15:48:24 Initialising SPTI...

    I 15:48:24 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices...

    I 15:48:24 Found 1 CD-RW and 1 DVD


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