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    Is it a PS2 issue or media or IMGBurn?

    i answer to myself... i try with verabtim and sony blank DVDs and work great. The problem was my Zykon DVDs. Imgburn can't do anything about that type of blanks?
  2. Rophiroth

    Is it a PS2 issue or media or IMGBurn?

    I have bad news for people using TSSTcorp and trying to writs dvds for PS2. I have a hp notebook too and try to write some iso of ps2, only a few pal and ntsc patched isos work... I think the problem was the DVD.. or my PS2... but i try with another TSSTcorp device and found the same problem and found on internet other people with the same problem with "samsungs" devices who is almost the same(TSST = toshiba samsung storage tecnologhy). I think there is a problem with our TSSTcorp devices. If some1 know about a solution i'll happy to read it

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