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  1. vivienne

    Don't know how to use it! :-(

    I know have a better understanding. Thanks very much!! Vivienne
  2. vivienne

    Don't know how to use it! :-(

    That's something that can't be dicussed here (for obvious reasons). It's something you'll have to google for... I, then, don't understand the point of this program. Why not just use Shrink and Nero like before? What is the advantage of Imgburn? Thanks! Vivienne
  3. vivienne

    Don't know how to use it! :-(

    What does the decryption in that case?? Vivienne
  4. vivienne

    Don't know how to use it! :-(

    Thanks very much! I didn't understand that was its purpose as it was listed as a replacement for Decrypter on the 'Dawn' webpage. Thank you for the explanations and the instructions! Vivienne
  5. Hi I use Decrypter and Shrink and know how that works. I've downloaded ImgBurn and now don't know what to do. Must I copy the the dvd that I want to burn to a file and then go from there? Would I still need Shrink? I have been looking through the posts and have been seeing that maybe I have to make an iso file? What is that and how do I make it? I'm so sorry but I have no idea now what I'm doing - please can you help? Thanks! Vivienne

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