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  1. Yeah, erase disc will be good if it's on ezy-pick mode ^_^ (+1)
  2. Thai language v Thai.lng
  3. I said "More" not "better" . I see setting menu of application for comparison of translated. I've downloaded lng file from the main page and found many untranslated phrases. example for basic phrases: -Cancel, Resume, Refresh, -THIS SOFTWARE MAY ONLY BE LICENSED FREE OF CHARGE, -Full, Copy, Change For, Change Regional Code, -Set 'Disc ID' to that of the current media, -Expand All, Collapse All, Building Image Tree..., Current Item ,Status Text, Skip Image, -Open containing folder, Write Queue, Browse for a file... (Ins), Queue Information, -Apply settings to the selected images, Apply *All* settings to the selected images, -Apply 'Write Speed' Setting To Selected, -etc. About my translated lng file and my fool. I sent my file to your supportive mail about a week ago before Thai language file on this site is available. About Load of English stuff What I leave in english : -Technical terms (should not translate to Thai because it will be comic) and -I don't know their meaning. I am sorry if my estimate complete percentage is greater than you see. I just want to help some Thai people not to replace major original translator. :& How to delete my attachment from this topic?
  4. Below is my own translated file in Thai. (Note:This is NOT the modified file of Mr.Wattanapirom from main download page of ImgBurn)
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