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  1. hy.


    sorry does Imgburn support writing multisession discs?


    I have a multisession dvd+rw. I try to add a file for burning but the programm tell me "The Disc needs formatting"!

    but I will not erase the disc content already burned yesterday, only add a new track.

    it is possible?


    thanks a lot.


  2. hello.


    can you confirm please that the error is due to a bad disc?

    are MKM discs bad discs?


    I have ordered verbatim BD+R 6x m.a.b.l. version 1.3 (I hope that my LG be06lu10 will can write this kind of discs verion 1.3 and not only 1.1...?), BD-RE 2x vers. 2.1 hard coat, serl, and Verbatim dvd+r dl 8x version 1.0 azo (but the drive can write up to 4x, but 2.4x was out of stock).


    I hope my drive and your sw can handle this disc very fine ;-)



  3. Thanks a lot dear Dave.

    [i burn udf 2.50 because I dont make a copy iso 1:1 but I have a m2ts file from multiavchd --from dvb HD television--

    then i will burn it as a avchd structure into a avchd br+r for the bd standalone player. this is my first time ;-) with SD broadcast I make a DVD avchd with no problems. but today the m2ts file is too big in size, so I have to burn intoa br+r (or bd+re for testing purpose).]


    Now we are waiting what the moderator/author will tell us, after analysing the log file :-)




  4. Yes, blank media BD-RE Verbatim-Europe vers. 2.1 #43614-0705-40 seems to work very fine! (In the meantime I have erased and burned for 2 times the same content with nero9. ok).

    Indeed ALL my bd-re Mitsubishi Kagaku Made in Japan seem to be "corrupted" :-(


    here the log file I found.


    but I rember in the past that this ImgBurn has me helped very good, because a bd disc cannot been erased by nero9, but ImgBurn has successfully erased and can reuse it. very good.

    I dont know what happened today. yes maybe the bad media, but I supposed that this Mitsubishi Made in Japen were the best blank media ever. Perhaps I'm wrong ;-)


    thanks a lot in advance for analizing my log file.


  5. log:


    I 17:46:55 Erasing Disc...

    W 18:12:27 Potential 'WaitImmediateIO' Deferred Error - (0%, 0/4) - Medium Format Corrupted

    E 18:12:29 Failed to Erase Disc! - Reason: Medium Format Corrupted

    E 18:12:29 Operation Failed! - Duration: 00:25:33



    i.e. imgburn can erase a verbatim bd+re (2 hours, successfull) but not mitsubishi. are all my new mitshubishi bd disc corrupted?

  6. hello.


    I have purchased a new disc BR+RE 2x Mitsubishi. I would like to burn a avchd structure generated by multiavchd.

    I put the new disc into the bd drive (LG be06lu10). Drag&drop the avchd folder in ImgBurn. properties => udf 2.50


    imgburn tell me that the disc need format. ok. ok this happens every time a new disc is rewritable.

    start erasing disc. after hours i see 0% erasing.... the blu led on the drive blinks. no crash.


    but I cannot wait for hours and hours with 0% erasing...yesterday the same thing :-( with a verbatim br +re. I have to switch power off of the bd drive!

    now I cannot stop imgburn while it is ersing the blank disc (second attempt).


    what to do?


    thanks a lot in advance.

  7. Thank you for your reply!


    sorry I'm newbie.


    dvdflint crashes and stop working. convertxtodvdv is sheraware.


    that is what i need:


    dbv-t decoder > file TS (mpeg2 or mpeg4-avc 4.0, splitted to 2GB, 2GB, ...) >usb pen drive

    > my pc > join with Tssplitter and joiner > a big TS file

    > ...some processing????.... > burn on a dvd+r dl > playback on oppo83.


    it seems to be very very hard for me...

    i tried multiavchd,

    I'm sorry that multiavchd dont handle mp2 audio (without asyncronization).


    thanks a lot for helping me.


  8. Hy. i have an ISO UDF image file (created by ImgBurn from a TS file). ok.


    i would like to get a dvd (with dvd folder video_ts...).


    I opened ImgBurn> burn image to disk.



    and....I get the same TS file on my dvd+r dl!!!


    no. i would get a "normal" dvd+r dl for playback on a standalone bd player.

    can you help me?


    also file TS (from dvb-t) > iso 1:1 (without reencoding nor compressing it!) > "normal" dvd structure for standalone dvd player. is it possible?


    thanks a lot.

  9. hi friends.

    sorry, I have just installed the italian file into the Languages folder of imgburn. (I have simply extracted the file italian.zip)

    nothing happened.


    all the programs menu still in english. I cannot see none italian word.

    some settings needed?


    thanks a lot in advance.

    best regards,



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