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  1. That's crazy, they seem to have some kind of forum where they're running this scam.
  2. Where can you buy it ? I still don't know this is where you buy it at: copythatgame.com
  3. I totally understand, I didn't know that there were many sites doing it, I thought it was only this one, PM me if you want the name of it. The good thing about doing something against these sites is, if you take action against them, and shut them down, they will be discouraged from selling imgburn in the future because there will be the risk of getting shut down again. They'll think 'Oh, I'm not gonna sell ImgBurn again, because they might take action against me and shut me down, I'm gonna look for something else to sell'. And I'm not talking about taking legal action which is very costly, I'm talking about filing a simple DMCA complaint which takes 10 minutes to complete and it's free, so it's not like you'd have to do much work. However, it's your call whether you'll take action or not. BTW, Who is LUK! ?
  4. No, enough of the conspiracy theories. The site is ripping people off, after a extensive search on the internet, I noticed that there are forum threads about the product on various forums, in which there are many unsatisfied customers saying that the product is a scam. Something has to be done about this, I did my homework and provided a solution of what needs to be done in order for the site to be shut down. We'll just have to wait for the ImgBurn owners to take action.
  5. Yes, the DMCA is imperfect, luckily, it will do the job for shutting down the site that is selling ImgBurn, it was confirmed to me by Clickbank. We'll just have to wait for an ImgBurn representative to file and send out the DMCA complaint, and see what happens.
  6. You missed my point, I completely understand and comprehend that you had nothing to do with this. It's my fault for not doing my research and spending money. I don't care about the 30$, but I'm pissed that this site is ripping people off, and profitting from your hard work. However, you can bring the site down by simply filing a DMCA complaint and sending it to the payment processor that this site is using - Clickbank. The Payment processor will stop letting this site receiving payments and ripping people off after the DMCA complaint is received, I have personally talked to a Clickbank employee and I was told that in cases like this a DMCA complaint needs to be filed, and after they get it, they will shut down the site immediately. So you don't need to pay any money for legal fees or anything like that, simply follow the instructions provided at: http://www.clickbank.com/dmca.html File the DMCA complaint (it's free of charge to do this), and they will shut the site down. I would've done this myself, however only the owners of the software (imgburn) can file a DMCA Complaint since they own the software. Since I'm a webmaster myself, I know for sure that a DMCA complaint will get this site shut down. Would some of the owners of Imgburn be able to follow the instructions at: http://www.clickbank.com/dmca.html and file the DMCA
  7. The thing is that I didn't use paypal, I might try contacting my bank to try to reimburse the transaction. Why aren't you guys taking any action against the site, what this guy/girl is doing is illegal
  8. I bought a backup software few days ago for 30$, it turned out the so-called software was imgburn. Yes this website is actually selling Imgburn, which I find outrageous and illegal. The owner is also unwilling to refund my order. I would like to get in touch with the owner of ImgBurn about this issue. His e-mail address would be greatly appreciated
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