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    Cannot Play Errors

    Well I used ImgTool Classic to create the image. It showed me that I did not have the image files in a VIDEO_TS folder So I put the files in a folder called VIDEO_TS so I had 2 folders in the source directory, video and audio _ts. I created the image and burned it with imgburn but I still get the cannot play error. The log file is below.
  2. richardk

    Cannot Play Errors

    I am very new to imgburn and DVD burning. I have a DVD that is in the form of .IFO, .VOB and .BUP files. I tried burning these files using Nero but I get "Cannot Play" errors on my DVD player. I tried creating an ISO out os the files using DVDFab and burning the image with imgburn but I get the same "cannot Play" error. The DVD plays great in my DVD drive on my computer. I was able to burn one DVD before this that played great in my DVD player and I have not had any success after that. Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks.

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