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  1. Big CD collection.


    In fact, many of the CDs I have created from vinyl and tapes. My family has been acquiring new and used music since the days of 78s (and still have most of them--rarely in good condition though). I also perform with a few community bands and do free rehearsal CDs for members. I have been using a non-computer based copying system until recently finding ImgBurn which is at least 4 times faster than my old commercial duplicator (and makes far fewer errors!)

  2. Whilst you might know what you mean by 'non-default image', I'm not you and don't have a clue what you're talking about.


    I'm sorry that I am failing at clear communications. Let me try to be more clear while hopefully not annoying you further.


    Sometimes when I read a commercial music CD the data is stored in my preferred folder with the file name

  3. How about enabling the 'add to write queue when done' option?!


    That did the job, thanks! Why I have to set this for it to work on the first copy cycle after starting the program and not thereafter was what confused me (and the fact that it is set on the main panel and not in preferences). I was assuming this was a one-time option lost when the program closed (I see it is "sticky").

  4. This is by design and mentioned in the changelog.


    Audio files (mp3, wav etc) are never deleted unless you untick the box telling it not to.


    You can change the default destination options in the settings. Put it on 'None' and the whole 'automatic' thing won't kick in.


    I have the box ticked telling ImgBurn to delete the image after using it--for non-default images it does not honor this box. I do not want to enter a file name every time--the whole object of specifying a custom name. I want the automatic action to override the special case where ImgBurn picks up info from the CD and ignores my preference to use a custom name and delete it when done.

  5. I have ImgBurn set to automatically delete the image file after using it to create a new disc. I am in the process of backing up my huge library of commercial music CDs so I had made lots of discs with previous versions of ImgBurn and had made about 50 with v2.4.4.0.


    I had another program crash my OS while ImgBurn was reading a disc. After a reboot, I opened the folder where my image files are stored


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