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    Burning Blu-ray Data Disc.

    I'm looking to burn a Blu-ray Data DVD consisting of a mix of .wav files and video.ts files for backup purposes. Should I use the ISO9660 + UDF 1.02 file structure that we use for Data DVD or should I use UDF 2.50 only since it's going on a Blu-ray disc. I ask because the data is going on a Blu-ray disc but doesn't consist of Blu-ray video files. Or will either option work in this case. TIA
  2. bbanderic

    32k Padding in Read Mode?

    I've read much about the 32k padding thing, mainly from the article below: http://www.digital-digest.com/~blutach/pgc..._pgcedit_v2.htm I know that ImgBurn has the 32k padding option in "Build" mode. I'm curious if ImgBurn adds the IFO/BUP 32k padding in "Read" mode as well since essentially ImgBurn is creating the ISO file. I checked the read mode settings and there's no mention of the 32k padding option there. My guess is no, since the idea of "read mode" is to create an exact copy of the original "non-copy protected" DVD but I just want to verify since I have no way of checking if the 32k padding is present on the original DVD I'm copying. Thanks!
  3. bbanderic

    Burning A Data DVD With ImgBurn.

    Thanks guys, much appreciated!
  4. bbanderic

    ISO Creation Necessary?

    I have video_ts files on my hard drive. Usually, I burn them straight to DVD in build mode without creating an ISO first. Reading through many forums at various websites many folks will create an ISO file from the video_ts files first and then burn. I'm curious if there is a benefit to creating the ISO rather than burning the video_ts files straight to disc...from a quality standpoint. Creating the ISO just seems to add an unnecessary step. Thanks
  5. Hi All, I'm looking to burn a data DVD of multiple folders consisting of FLAC files, photos etc. I'm doing this in "build" mode with the output setting set to device. However, when I add my first folder I get the message: "You've only selected 1 folder! Does XXXX represent the root directory for the image content? (Otherwise XXXX will be visible in the root directory of the image.) " Options - Yes, No, cancel I'm not 100% sure what this means as I'm not trying to create an ISO image, I'm looking to burn the data files straight to disc. I've checked the forums and haven't seen any Data DVD specific guides to follow whether I'm doing this correctly or not. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. bbanderic

    Create Layer Break Position Options.

    First off, your wrong, I'm not pirating DVD's. The video-ts files NEVER contained any copyright protection as this is not material that was released commercially EVER. I understand peoples sensitivity to the subject of torrent files as I don't want to see anything happen to ImgBurn or LUK either. My apologies if I offended anyone.
  7. bbanderic

    Create Layer Break Position Options.

    This isn't a copy of a DVD, these are video_ts files from a torrent, I don't think a layer break flag was added by the seeder, I could be wrong though. Thanks for the replies.
  8. Hi, I'm using the newest version of ImgBurn to burn VIDEO_TS files to Verbatim DVD+R DL. When I get to the "Create Layer Break Position" step, I get 5 options. One option (my best) has a gold star (good) With "NO" in the SPLIP column. The other 4 options have a silver star (average) next to them with "YES" in the SPLIP column. My problem is that the best option (gold star, good) I have, according to ImgBurn, doesn't place the layer break in an ideal position as far as playback goes. The DVD I'm trying to burn is a concert DVD and the layer break would be in the middle of a song (chapter). All of the 4 other options would place the layer break at the beginning of a song (chapter) which would be ideal. I don't know how to save a screenshot in ImgBurn but here are the options I'm looking at: 1) silver star - padding (643543), % 50/50 - SPLIP (YES) 2) gold star - padding (5), % 50/50 - SPLIP (NO) 3) silver star - padding (12), % 55/45 - SPLIP (YES) 4) silver star - padding (1), % 59/41 - SPLIP (YES) 5) silver star - padding (6), % 63/37 - SPLIP (YES) My question is would it create problems during playback if I chose one of the lesser options according to ImgBurn (silver star, average) with "YES" in the SPLIP column? And what does SPLIP mean? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jon

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