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  1. Fwiw, I had this prob with prior version but also with 252. The image is created from CD disk and can be burned but during verify it locks up at Track 3 while analyzing tracks. I burned the same image file a coule of times with same result and then recreated the image file and tried again that way -- same result. I tried a couple of times using Verify directly from the Menu but same result. I tested the disks that were burned and all play fine. Not knocking the prog; it's great. I attached the log in case that is of use. If I can do something to help with the issue, let me know. regards, sh ImgBurn.log
  2. I wish I could get imgburn to take a bunch of FLAC files and burn them as an audio CD. I've tried installing different codecs, including some of the ones suggested on this site, but imgburn always seems to make a data disk instead of an audo CD. I can get nero to burn the FLAC files to an audio CD but that seems like a draconian option. If anyone has the time to help point me to the light, tia, sh
  3. Terrrific. Thanks. I thought I might be missetting one of the parameters or maybe a track name was too long or something like that. regards, sh
  4. On some ocassions, when I make an image from an audio CD and then burn the image to a good quality disk, the burn seems to go okay but when the very starts, it goes through an analysis of each tracks and will freeze on one of the tracks. For a given image it's always the same track. It just locks up there and won't proceed. I can copy and burn the cd jsut fine with NERO but Imgburn freezes at that analsis point in the Verify proceeedure. Oddly the source and target disks seem to work okay, the targets just can't be verified. I can set the read speed to dfiff values but the result is the same. In this image, it's always track 5 where the verify/analysis freezes up. I can make a new image form the origninal disk but he result is the same. After buring, the verify starts with analyzing tracks and freezes at track 5. This is as much as the log says: I 15:11:33 Operation Started! I 15:11:33 Source Device: [1:0:0] TSSTcorp CDW/DVD TS-H492C IB01 (E:) (ATA) I 15:11:33 Source Media Type: CD-R (Disc ID: 97m15s17f) I 15:11:33 Image File: D:\Image.cue I 15:11:33 Image File Sectors: 183,457 (AUDIO/2352) I 15:11:33 Image File Size: 431,490,864 bytes I 15:11:33 Image File File System(s): None I 15:11:33 Read Speed (Data/Audio): 4x / 4x
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