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  1. Ok. Something new, a better design? And yes it did say renamed.. I unchecked ccd under auto MDS and it burns an ISO file. I forgot to check the differences in that area. for and I have not as yet found a place I could down load Oh well don't need it any way. May yet have to read the manual.. I have been using it in as it ships mode. works great. Again Thanks PS fast reply. I was checking out downloads, and came back an there was post.
  2. This is a bug with image burn verison in Window 7 RC candidate file version 7100 I wanted the Windows 7 Repair disk that Win 7 burns, but as an ISO image, for Virtual use.. I down loaded the latest version [and did not use my save copies, I have versions all the way up vers I guess I didn't down load I will check on that.], And every time I tried to read it to an ISO file it would automaticly change to and .img file went it started saving the file. I look at all the Settings and I couldn't see anything that would cause that. I uninstalled version and installed version and tried it. No Problem. It read the disk to an ISO file. I will down load version and see if it works ok as well. and update with a new post. Many thanks for a great Burning program. Oh, an the other programs too.
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